Base Shooting

At 1:30pm CT there was a shooting on base at Ft. Hood here in TX. 

The information is still coming in but currently they believe there are three armed gunmen… one in custody. 

The current report says that the gunmen were in fatigues but they don’t know if they were military or civilian.

There have been shootings at the Howze Theater, the Soldier Readiness Center where there was apparently a graduation ceremony going on, and at the PX.  At the moment the casualty report says 7 dead and 20 wounded. 

Please just keep them in your prayers as they try to get this situation under control. 

I know three women from here on Xanga that are stationed there with their families.  Ladies please know that you are in my prayers as well as the safety of your families. 

God be with them.,2933,572305,00.html

7 thoughts on “Base Shooting

  1. hope everyone is doing okay… we used to live there and the worse that happened was gang turf wars on post… this is horrible.  I still can’t believe some of the garbage coming out of reporter’s mouths.  Let’s not dismiss this, let’s do something to make sure it never happens again!

  2. How awful!  I read this as soon as you posted it, but I didn’t get to comment just then.  Your site was the first I had heard about it, and then it seemed like as soon as I read this, there were things popping up everywhere about it! 

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