Picture Perfect!

Good morning!  er… Afternoon!

While I was in Phoenix I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with my youngest sister and her two kiddos.  I thought I was sick so I stayed away not wanting to get the kids sick. 

I was sad to miss out on time with my niece and nephew…  especially since I had never met my new little nephew, Dylan Parker!

Fortunately once I found out I was pregnant I had one last chance to do a quick photo shoot!  So here he is!

Dylan Parker Woodard born August 8th 2009.

What a chunk!


He thought the flash on my camera was funny! 


His nursery is done in monkeys so we sat him up with his buddy.


Here he is with daddy.


And of course mommy is the funniest person in the world.


Savannah woke up from her nap and had to have her ‘Broder kisses!”


Don’t you just love his shirt?  “New to the herd”


Hey mom and dad!


 Monkey and pal.


Rock Stars!


 I told you… Mommy can always get a laugh!


  What a cutie pie.


 I think mommy and daddy agree…


This has to be one of my very favorite baby pictures I’ve ever taken.  What a character!  So fun!!!


 It was so much fun meeting him and getting to know him and his little personality.  I also really enjoyed spending more time with Savannah.  There is something that warms the heart big time when your not quite two year old niece looks at you after you pick up her dropped crayon and says in a perfectly clear little voice…

“Tank ou At Corkey.”  🙂

It was a blast!  I have tons of pictures to share another day because, of course, I was there to witness the birth of my newest nephew Aaron Isaac… but that will have to wait for another day.


In home front news, I’m doing good.  I’m a little over 9 weeks pregnant.  I’m still feeling sick and tired which is great!  My first doctor’s appointment is on Friday of this week.  I’ll have more news for you then!

Until later,



9 thoughts on “Picture Perfect!

  1. What a cutie!!! I’m so excited to know more about the little one growing inside of you. Still praying you’ll have an easy pregnancy. Enjoy it to the fullest though I’m sure it must be so hard with all the heartbreaks from earlier pregnancies. Keep being sick honey!

  2. These are all great photos!!! He is a handsome little man!!!  I am sorry to say this but “Yippee” at feeling sick! It sounds like you are right on track!!!I am praying for you and the little one!!!  

  3. Great pictures. He sure seems alert for being so young. Seems like he was just born….how old is he? I am so happy for you Courtney….you just have no clue how happy I am. I am praying constantly for you and this little person of yours. Give praise to God every day when you are having morning sickness…

  4. Awww, what a cutie pie!  Your parents certainly have one grandbaby after the next coming, don’t they?!  They must be loving all these new babies to cuddle and play with!  I LOVE all the pictures of Dylan with his parents.  And the one that you said is your favorite- I agree.  You are so talented!  It helps to have such cute subjects, too.    Dylan has his mommy’s chin!  Oh, and your BIL has lost a lot of weight, hasn’t he?!  He looks great!

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