Hello ladies!

I leave at 4am tomorrow morning.  I’ll be driving straight through to my parents cabin in Prescott, AZ (a measly 16 hours of driving) to stay for a few days before heading down into Phoenix to be with my sister as she has her first baby and to meet my newest nephew. 

The problem is this.  I JUST got back on line!  In the past few days something has happened to my laptop.  My wireless card isn’t working at all.  And unfortunately back in Phoenix and in Prescott the only networks available to me will be wireless.  I may be able to hop on to someone else’s computer but unless something changes (or it turns out to be my network and not my card) I’ll be pretty much off-line for the next few weeks. 

I’ll do my absolute best to try and stay in touch! 

Take care and enjoy the onset of fall wherever you are!


9 thoughts on “Off-line

  1. I am SO sad that you are just finally getting back into xanga when I decided to take a hiatus!! Seriously! But.. we are FB friends, so we just need to stay in touch on there until I return. Have very safe travels, and I can’t wait to be in touch with you again when you get home!!

  2. Congrats on the new nephew. It was really crazy…the entry in my FB below yours is from a friend of mine in New England welcomign her new nephew Aaron.When do you get back? I just found out I’m cooking dinner on the 24th for some friends in my Bible study who just had a baby. I think I left my hot/cold carry case at your house, didn’t I?

  3. @BigToePeople – Kris I’m so sorry!  I got sick and went back up to Prescott with my mom and dad and never got on the PC.  I do have your hot/cold carry case.  It’s in the hallway closet right by my front door!!!  I will be home either late night on Thursday or early afternoon on Friday of this week.  If you need it before Friday afternoon you can stop by the house any day this week after 6pm.  I just called Ryan and he said he’ll be home by then all week and he’ll have it ready and waiting for you.  I’m so sorry I didn’t get it back to you sooner!!!  Hope to see you soon! 

  4. @fallensparrow – NO WORRIES! I don’t need it until Saturday, so I’ll probably procrastinate and get it Friday or Saturday. Tell Ryan not to worry, and no need to be on standby. We’re having our ground floor tiled and other work done on the house, and they start tomorrow morning, so I’ll be pretty attached to the house while workers are here. It will be Friday evening at the earliest, and I’m scheduled to make the meal Saturday. Sorry you got sick! Feel better.

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