A long lazy day…

Good Afternoon! (At least it is here in Texas!)

Today I am exhausted!  Last night Ryan got home at about 6:30pm.  He took a shower, got into comfy clothes, and I was 15 minutes from having dinner ready when he got the call to come back into the office. 

He didn’t get home last night until 11:30pm.  As a result of everything I did to keep myself awake while he was at the office, I couldn’t fall asleep AFTER he got home… which translates into laying awake until sometime around 2:30am.  I was then up this morning by 6am to help Ryan pack lunch and dinner for today because today is the very last day of end of year for him.  That of course means that I’m running on empty today and I’m daydreaming about another pot of coffee… yep that will be good for me… 

So because I don’t have much to say I figured I would share some pictures I took in the spring back in AZ.  I have never found time to share them so today is the day!

This is a flower bush that my mom has in her yard back in Phoenix…


 Gardenia bush!  There is nothing in the world like the smell of a fresh gardenia blossom on a warm spring desert day…


 When I was a little girl my family went to Rocky Point, Mexico.  In the few days we were there playing on the beach and shopping my Mom and Dad bought several wind chimes made of shells…  They still hang from the eves of the porch all these years later…


Pretty aren’t they? 


 The hibiscus bush in the front yard… I love the color of these blooms! 


 This little cactus has a story!  When I was a little tiny girl (Probably 6 or 7) we used to go to our cabin in Prescott, AZ for the summer every year.  One summer I dug out this cactus for my mom and she brought it home and planted it in the yard.  It had 2 little knobs on it back then… it now has over 50! 


One morning when I walked out onto the front porch I heard little chirps and was thrilled to find these baby doves up in the eves!  Aren’t they adorable? 


 Seeing the doves got me thinking and so I started paying attention.  It wasn’t long before I found a true treasure!  I found a hummingbird nest!!!


 I tore around the front of the house to find a ladder and climbed up to take some pictures.  Don’t worry I used a telephoto lens I didn’t get too close! 


 Keep in mind that this little jewel in the making is the size of my thumb from the last knuckle to the tip of my nail.  Such a beauty!


 Well, I guess back to real life huh?  Or at least present times…  I’m getting ready to take another trip home to Phoenix, (I told you about that in my last…  for the birth of my new nephew)  Whenever I leave Ryan home alone for long periods of time I try to make sure he’ll be well taken care of.  I have been cooking like a fiend for the last few weeks. 

Check out my freezer!  Turkey taco soup, kielbasa stew, beef stew, tortilla chicken soup… along with frozen slices of sourdough and pumpernickel bread….


 Then there’s the main freezer!  Lasagna and garlic bread, corn chowder, curry chicken soup, homemade chicken pot pies, chicken and dressing casserole, broccoli casserole….


 You name it, it’s in there!  There is nothing in the freezer other than the butter and peas there in the front that isn’t a ready made meal for Ryan!  Holy cow that was a lot of work!


 The sad part is that today I have nothing to eat for dinner or lunch!  I got a little carried away with freezing things!  LOL  At least I know I have plenty of choices for what I want to thaw and eat!

I guess that’s it for me today.  I have plenty to do today while Ryan’s working and some more prep work for my trip!   That of course will all depend on if I can get going for the day. 

Take care all,




13 thoughts on “A long lazy day…

  1. Go put your feet up and rest!  That’s an order dear friend!    You have been busy.  I might have to beg you another day for those recipes!  You amaze me!    Love your pics as always.  Those hummingbird shots are awesome!!!

  2. I love all the pics, but the baby bird ones are AWESOME! They’re so precious!Girl, you have been cooking your little tail off! Good for you for being such a great wife! I know Ryan appreciates it!Hope you both have a great rest of the day! *Hugs*

  3. I came from BigToePeople’s site, I came to beg, to plead and to ask you to share your recipe for pumpkin gingerbread muffins. They sound WONDERFUL and would be a great way to start this fall weather we are having!  Do I sound desperate? or like a woman on a mission?  If it did not come out as a desperate wish I will try again! lol! 

  4. Wow…I never cease to be impressed with your creativity and good wife-liness.  Bravo!  Ryan is blessed beyond measure in you, and I hope he knows that!I LOVE the pictures. 

  5. Wow, I’d love to have access to that freezer. Ryan is a lucky man!Love the hummingbird nest. That’s so precious.Hope you get some rest. I’m a bit out of it myself, but not sure if I can nap. I get up at 0445 on days I have Wilford Hall appts and then am further lulled into sleepyness by the drive back to Del Rio.

  6. Hello Ms. Courtney,You made your site simple yet elegant. The pictures are a nice touch. I see that you have a wide variety of interests and observations here! Now is a good time to learn about the true God, Jehovah and His plans for us. “On that day of judgment,” says the LORD, “I will punish the leaders… and all those following pagan customs.” (Zephaniah 1:8) (New Living Translation)

  7. @Jehovahs_Messenger – Thank you so much for your interest and for your compliments on my site.  I do truly enjoy many hobbies.  Just to let you know I was raised in church and am a very devote Pentacostal Christian.  God is a very large part of my life as well as my husband’s!  Thanks again.

  8. I’m still al ittle new to the cooking world and I always seem to get freezer burn on stuff that I make and than freeze. Is there a particular brand of containers that you recommend? Or is it the length of time to be freezed…like only a week or two?  I’m curious because cooking for two we always have left overs which always go bad before we eat ’em again. Anyway, thought I’d tape into your “wisdom” here. Thanks.

  9. @kristilee627 – I LOVE the as seen on TV tupperware (the clear one’s with blue lids) you can get the set at Walmart for 14 bucks and it comes with a ton of peices.  I have three sets and it’s all I use because it makes perfect one or two serving sizes.  I have found that most soups and stews freeze well for up to three months the dinner like things (lasagna and casseroles) I won’t leave for more than a month.  I also find that with soups and stews if you thaw them in the fridge and then reheat on the stove they come out almost better than when they were brand new!  Hope that helps.

  10. Thanks so much for the info. I will definatly be making a trip to walmart and giving  ’em a try. I know its a process of trial and error w/ cooking but sometimes I would like to just snap my fingers and know everything. lol! Anyway, thanks again….and if you ever get bored, I love, love, love it when you share recipes on here- they all are so yummy! (no pressure) *hugs*

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