A Long Time Coming…

Good morning!

It has been far too long since I last wrote.  I have missed it and you!  Life has been hectic around here and though it’s slowed down a bit it’s been hard to get back into a groove of writing after a long absence.  (Almost 5 months!)  There is so much to tell you, so much that has happened, so many pictures and stories to tell… it’s hard to decide where to begin or what to say first…  I think today I’ll show you our new home here in Del Rio, TX.  Now that I’m pretty much finished moving us in…

So, Good morning from Del Rio! 


I’m going to give you before and after pictures…  When you first walk in the front door you walk into a great room with a fireplace, corner shelving, and windsor blue carpet!  (GAG) 


I’ve done my best to make it feel like home.


Somewhere warm and inviting and comfortable!  Hey see that double doorway next to the fireplace?  That is the entrance to my sitting room!  (A little closed in sun room!)


It’s a fun room!


And a great place to read on a sunny afternoon…


 It’s also a great little breakfast room!


Here is another before picture… notice the original window looking into my sun room?


I’m pleased with how it turned out.


I even have a little entryway.


This is at the far end of the great room.  A little dining room leading into the kitchen. 


It’s so nice to have a place to display my pottery from Germany and a place to actually sit down to eat after three years!


 This is my kitchen… Let me just say that I HATE small kitchens.  I love to cook and swore that this is one thing I would not compromise on again…  But I did… sigh…  


I’ve done my best to make it functional…


But at least it’s bigger than my German kitchen and I can cook in it!


Yep you see that right… it’s dove grey paneling!  And yes, those are charcoal grey counter tops… Who does that?  Not to mention the bright pink switch and faceplate!  YUCK!!!  But i love the little window…


I’ve done my best to make them fade away… I think it turned out okay!


 Let’s move on to my bedroom.


Not bad huh?


You’ve got to love the random shelf above the bed… what do I do with that?


 Another view into the bathroom…


I’m still not done with our room but it’s coming along…


 Our bathroom…



 Since we’re talking about bathrooms we might as well move on to the guest quarters!  Should you ever come stay with me this would be your bathroom…  Gotta love that blue carpet eh? 


Again I’ve done the best I can…




This would be your bedroom.


Ah orange!  It’s funny how everything in Europe is orange so now most of my household is too.  🙂


 It has double closets… 


I think you’ll be comfortable here!


Unless of course you hate orange!


 I think it’s about time to show you the outside of our new home.  Welcome to Crosswinds Way. 


We’ve done some work on the outside too and are rather pleased with how it turned out.  Please excuse the out of control grass.  We have yet to acquire a lawnmower and the last few weeks of rain have awoken our long dormant lawn.


 This is my little front porch.


I’m really pleased with how this turned out!


Here are views of my porch… Looking in…


And looking out…


Looking in…


And looking out…


 Here’s the star above my door!  Just for my mother in law! 


I’ll leave you with some pictures from my garden…



 This is my hibiscus bush… I’ve never seen double blooms like this.


Apparently they are favorites for the butterflies…


Blooming grasses… so pretty!


My butterfly bush!


 So far we are enjoying our new house despite a leaky chimney, an AC that has gone out half a dozen times, and a number of other problems… Let’s just say that had we bought this house we could have remade the movie, “The Money Pit” but all in all it’s been a fun process.

I suppose I should take a moment to catch you up on how we’re doing too.

As I said things have been chaotic.  By the time we got here and found a place to live end of year had started for Ryan.  He hasn’t been home once before 7pm since the last week of August.  So I haven’t had much time with him.  We’re going on 20 months now since we’ve spent more than a few hours together at a time what with deployments my trip back to the states, TDY’s, having to go home early and then having my parents with us for a few months… I’m looking forward to getting so real time together… but that’s still a ways off.  End of year happens on Wednesday of this week and then I’m on call to leave TX for another visit to Phoenix.  My sister is about to have her first baby and there is another baby now in the family that I’ve yet to meet!  (My baby sister had her little boy.  I was not able to go home for his birth because we were getting our house and our big household goods shipment arrived the day he was born.)  So home again I go!

Ryan is doing extremely well in his new office…  He has been made NCOIC of his section.  (Non Commissioned Officer In Charge) and he also just found out that he has been made NCO of the quarter again.  I’m very proud of him!

That’s about it from out here on the border! 

I hope to be around to catch up with everyone today!




13 thoughts on “A Long Time Coming…

  1. Ah Courtney, you have done wonders!  All it takes is sticking to it and a little money, right?  Looks great!  Congrats to Ryan!  I’d be so proud too!  And also congratulations on your sister’s arrivals (and pending arrival!)  You sound happy and enjoying life…definately a good thing!  I’m glad that there is an end in site to Ryan’s long hours!  Nothing better than sharing your life with the one you love….no matter how sparse those times are…just makes you love him that much more!~Jeri

  2. You’ve really turned that house into such a cute place!  (and btw… we love orange!  It’s Holland’s Nat’l color)I miss you too!  So glad to read your post.You know, I’m still adjusting to Cincinnati.  Hopefully you’ll settle in Del Rio and it will feel like ‘home’.  It’s hard being away from friends and family … no matter where you are.  I’ll be praying for you.

  3. I really love what you’ve done with your new home! And guess what? We have the exact same comforter/quilt on our bed! We have olive green sheets with ours.  We like it, but yours looks a lot newer! lol I, of course, love all your flowers and all your decorating!  It was so good to hear from you … come back soon!

  4. There you are! I have wondered where you were and how things were going for you! The house looks darling!!!! Good job with all that you have done. I know its tough to move and make each place feel like home, but you have done wonders. Congrats to Ryan, I know you are very proud of him!I do hope you find some great time together. If not quantity then just quality! That what really counts!!!Its good to have you back!

  5. You made your house and home, girl!  Well done!  I would feel totally welcome and comfortable there!  Especially your livingroom!  Beautiful.A big WELL DONE to Ryan, too!  :)It’s so good to hear from you!

  6. I absolutely flippin adore your home and the way you’ve decorated it! It’s beautiful!!Way to go Ryan!!! I’m sure you’re so proud of him!Have a wonderful trip to Phoenix!! Love you girl!

  7. Thank you so much for posting these pictures!  It’s good to have you back here!  You have a beautiful home!  I love what you have done with it…especially your dining area!  What a neat spot.  That shelf above your bed- could you put picture frames in there?  It was hard to tell what it really is like from the picture, so I’m not sure.  I just thought I’d throw that out there.  :)Beautiful flowers- especially the butterfly bush.  Congrats to your youngest sister!  And I can’t wait to hear about Charly’s baby!

  8. I love what you’ve done with the place! It’s a real home with your personality on it. Go enjoy a good book in that sunroom! I like orange, but I guess I won’t have to stay in your guest room   Loved the pics of the flowers too. My hibiscus plants have been through hell…first the insane dog we took care of that needed to prune the hibiscus plants, and just when the poor things started to perk up again, they got mealybugs. I may be defeating the mealy bugs, despite my lack of a green thumb.

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