A long lazy day…

Good Afternoon! (At least it is here in Texas!)

Today I am exhausted!  Last night Ryan got home at about 6:30pm.  He took a shower, got into comfy clothes, and I was 15 minutes from having dinner ready when he got the call to come back into the office. 

He didn’t get home last night until 11:30pm.  As a result of everything I did to keep myself awake while he was at the office, I couldn’t fall asleep AFTER he got home… which translates into laying awake until sometime around 2:30am.  I was then up this morning by 6am to help Ryan pack lunch and dinner for today because today is the very last day of end of year for him.  That of course means that I’m running on empty today and I’m daydreaming about another pot of coffee… yep that will be good for me… 

So because I don’t have much to say I figured I would share some pictures I took in the spring back in AZ.  I have never found time to share them so today is the day!

This is a flower bush that my mom has in her yard back in Phoenix…


 Gardenia bush!  There is nothing in the world like the smell of a fresh gardenia blossom on a warm spring desert day…


 When I was a little girl my family went to Rocky Point, Mexico.  In the few days we were there playing on the beach and shopping my Mom and Dad bought several wind chimes made of shells…  They still hang from the eves of the porch all these years later…


Pretty aren’t they? 


 The hibiscus bush in the front yard… I love the color of these blooms! 


 This little cactus has a story!  When I was a little tiny girl (Probably 6 or 7) we used to go to our cabin in Prescott, AZ for the summer every year.  One summer I dug out this cactus for my mom and she brought it home and planted it in the yard.  It had 2 little knobs on it back then… it now has over 50! 


One morning when I walked out onto the front porch I heard little chirps and was thrilled to find these baby doves up in the eves!  Aren’t they adorable? 


 Seeing the doves got me thinking and so I started paying attention.  It wasn’t long before I found a true treasure!  I found a hummingbird nest!!!


 I tore around the front of the house to find a ladder and climbed up to take some pictures.  Don’t worry I used a telephoto lens I didn’t get too close! 


 Keep in mind that this little jewel in the making is the size of my thumb from the last knuckle to the tip of my nail.  Such a beauty!


 Well, I guess back to real life huh?  Or at least present times…  I’m getting ready to take another trip home to Phoenix, (I told you about that in my last…  for the birth of my new nephew)  Whenever I leave Ryan home alone for long periods of time I try to make sure he’ll be well taken care of.  I have been cooking like a fiend for the last few weeks. 

Check out my freezer!  Turkey taco soup, kielbasa stew, beef stew, tortilla chicken soup… along with frozen slices of sourdough and pumpernickel bread….


 Then there’s the main freezer!  Lasagna and garlic bread, corn chowder, curry chicken soup, homemade chicken pot pies, chicken and dressing casserole, broccoli casserole….


 You name it, it’s in there!  There is nothing in the freezer other than the butter and peas there in the front that isn’t a ready made meal for Ryan!  Holy cow that was a lot of work!


 The sad part is that today I have nothing to eat for dinner or lunch!  I got a little carried away with freezing things!  LOL  At least I know I have plenty of choices for what I want to thaw and eat!

I guess that’s it for me today.  I have plenty to do today while Ryan’s working and some more prep work for my trip!   That of course will all depend on if I can get going for the day. 

Take care all,



A Long Time Coming…

Good morning!

It has been far too long since I last wrote.  I have missed it and you!  Life has been hectic around here and though it’s slowed down a bit it’s been hard to get back into a groove of writing after a long absence.  (Almost 5 months!)  There is so much to tell you, so much that has happened, so many pictures and stories to tell… it’s hard to decide where to begin or what to say first…  I think today I’ll show you our new home here in Del Rio, TX.  Now that I’m pretty much finished moving us in…

So, Good morning from Del Rio! 


I’m going to give you before and after pictures…  When you first walk in the front door you walk into a great room with a fireplace, corner shelving, and windsor blue carpet!  (GAG) 


I’ve done my best to make it feel like home.


Somewhere warm and inviting and comfortable!  Hey see that double doorway next to the fireplace?  That is the entrance to my sitting room!  (A little closed in sun room!)


It’s a fun room!


And a great place to read on a sunny afternoon…


 It’s also a great little breakfast room!


Here is another before picture… notice the original window looking into my sun room?


I’m pleased with how it turned out.


I even have a little entryway.


This is at the far end of the great room.  A little dining room leading into the kitchen. 


It’s so nice to have a place to display my pottery from Germany and a place to actually sit down to eat after three years!


 This is my kitchen… Let me just say that I HATE small kitchens.  I love to cook and swore that this is one thing I would not compromise on again…  But I did… sigh…  


I’ve done my best to make it functional…


But at least it’s bigger than my German kitchen and I can cook in it!


Yep you see that right… it’s dove grey paneling!  And yes, those are charcoal grey counter tops… Who does that?  Not to mention the bright pink switch and faceplate!  YUCK!!!  But i love the little window…


I’ve done my best to make them fade away… I think it turned out okay!


 Let’s move on to my bedroom.


Not bad huh?


You’ve got to love the random shelf above the bed… what do I do with that?


 Another view into the bathroom…


I’m still not done with our room but it’s coming along…


 Our bathroom…



 Since we’re talking about bathrooms we might as well move on to the guest quarters!  Should you ever come stay with me this would be your bathroom…  Gotta love that blue carpet eh? 


Again I’ve done the best I can…




This would be your bedroom.


Ah orange!  It’s funny how everything in Europe is orange so now most of my household is too.  🙂


 It has double closets… 


I think you’ll be comfortable here!


Unless of course you hate orange!


 I think it’s about time to show you the outside of our new home.  Welcome to Crosswinds Way. 


We’ve done some work on the outside too and are rather pleased with how it turned out.  Please excuse the out of control grass.  We have yet to acquire a lawnmower and the last few weeks of rain have awoken our long dormant lawn.


 This is my little front porch.


I’m really pleased with how this turned out!


Here are views of my porch… Looking in…


And looking out…


Looking in…


And looking out…


 Here’s the star above my door!  Just for my mother in law! 


I’ll leave you with some pictures from my garden…



 This is my hibiscus bush… I’ve never seen double blooms like this.


Apparently they are favorites for the butterflies…


Blooming grasses… so pretty!


My butterfly bush!


 So far we are enjoying our new house despite a leaky chimney, an AC that has gone out half a dozen times, and a number of other problems… Let’s just say that had we bought this house we could have remade the movie, “The Money Pit” but all in all it’s been a fun process.

I suppose I should take a moment to catch you up on how we’re doing too.

As I said things have been chaotic.  By the time we got here and found a place to live end of year had started for Ryan.  He hasn’t been home once before 7pm since the last week of August.  So I haven’t had much time with him.  We’re going on 20 months now since we’ve spent more than a few hours together at a time what with deployments my trip back to the states, TDY’s, having to go home early and then having my parents with us for a few months… I’m looking forward to getting so real time together… but that’s still a ways off.  End of year happens on Wednesday of this week and then I’m on call to leave TX for another visit to Phoenix.  My sister is about to have her first baby and there is another baby now in the family that I’ve yet to meet!  (My baby sister had her little boy.  I was not able to go home for his birth because we were getting our house and our big household goods shipment arrived the day he was born.)  So home again I go!

Ryan is doing extremely well in his new office…  He has been made NCOIC of his section.  (Non Commissioned Officer In Charge) and he also just found out that he has been made NCO of the quarter again.  I’m very proud of him!

That’s about it from out here on the border! 

I hope to be around to catch up with everyone today!



Book Review for Thomas Nelson: Book Review Bloggers

Word of Promise Next Generation New Testament MP3 Set

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I found the Word of Promise Next Generation New Testament extremely easy to listen to. It captures and holds your interest just like any other audio book and I quickly found myself pulled into and held captive by a much loved and well known story. The sound effects and background music were well done and subtle, adding a feeling of being in the story that was a true asset to the experience.

Though I don’t suggest that this is the only Bible your teen ever reads I believe it is a fantastic supplement and a tool to bring the Bible into their busy daily lives. I know that in my home The Word of Promise Next Generation New Testament will have a permanent place in my audio library for the teenagers that grow in and out of my life. And of course I’ll be pulling it out from time to time to read my Bible in a fresh and interesting new way!