Crosswinds Way

Guten Abend!

I’m sorry that it has once again been too long since my last update.  So much has been going on that other than getting up at the crack of dawn and falling into bed late at night there hasn’t been time for much.  Most nights I fall asleep trying to spend 20 minutes on Facebook working on my Farms!  LOL

The biggest news is that we got a house…  We ended up renting due to several factors… one being that of the 20 or so houses we either looked at or wrote an offer on about 18 of them were owned by military members who had to move and were unable to sell or rent them before leaving… if anything will leave a bad taste in your mouth about buying a house in small town USA when you have no control over how long you’ll be there and have limited funds that will.

So we found a rental house that is in a great neighborhood, within our budget and has everything we need and almost all of our desires as well!  We spent the week doing little repairs as the house was old and in need of some TLC after being vacant for about a year.  But it’s now good to go and we’re expecting our very first household goods shipment tomorrow morning!  I can’t wait to have my own bed, pots and pans, more clothes than will fit in a small suitcase and something besides tennis shoes to wear!!!  Sad what becomes important when you live out of a suitcase or in someone elses home for over three months!

I have pictures of the house and I tried to upload them but I can’t.  I have an email in trying to fix the problem but for now the only way to see them is for you to visit my Facebook to check out the album.  So you can do that HERE if you would like.

That is about all for now… we’re busy but kind of just waiting at the same time.  I have so much more to share but time is short for the moment.  We should have internet in the new house in the next few days and be all moved in so I should be able to catch up soon. 

Until then know I miss you all!

Love from the border in the wild wild west,


*Yippee!  I got one picture through… here’s the front of our new house on Crosswinds Way!*