Starting to come back to life…

Hey everyone!

Oh how I have missed you all!  It will be a little while before things are totally back to normal and I have time to really respond and catch up with everyone but I think there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.

In the mean time, I thought I should take advantage of this free half and hour to give you a small update on things. 

After 10 days of searching and looking we MAY have found the perfect house for us…  We have an offer in but the house happens to be a short-sale.  This makes it a GREAT deal but the trade is that we have to work not only with the seller but also their bank and so every step is taking forever… which means for the first time in over three months we’re in a holding pattern.  I’ll let you know when we hear!

We are here safe and sound in Del Rio, TX and we’re enjoying getting to know the town and the people in it.  Although I must say the humidity is a bit harder to come to terms with! In fact it’s bad enough that we finally gave up yesterday and did a truly dreaded thing…  We went SWIMSUIT shopping.  There is a small pool here in the RV park and since it’s the off season we thought we’d take advantage… it’s the first time I’ve been in a pool since my surgery…  and before anyone asks… Pictures will NOT be coming soon!  LOL 

Ryan had his first day of work yesterday and it went well.  He thinks he’s going to like the office and that this base will be a great learning opportunity for him, though is sounds like the hours will be brutal!  But we’ve been there before and as long as he loves his job who cares?

Huh… I guess that’s it… things have been so busy that I didn’t realize that we’d been busy with only a few small things!  CRAZY!  I’ll be back with pictures and stories soon!  Sorry it’s been so long.

From out here on the border,



13 thoughts on “Starting to come back to life…

  1. Ooh, you’ll have to tell me about that house! Let’s do lunch next week if you’re free. They changed up the restaurant next to the Herald and it’s really yummy (though terribly over priced) and has a great, peaceful and friendly atmosphere. It’s like a deli now.I bet with the base-wide inspection in the spring, your husband will be busy. Lucky he’s here early enough that he’ll be old hat in the office before the inspection ramps up.We’ve been super busy but I hope things settle down a bit after this weekend. Maybe I can even invite you guys over to dinner next week if you don’t mind a messy house.

  2. SO good to hear from you!  I wrote on my blog yesterday that I missed hearing from you and 2 other girls… so I’m glad you wrote!I’ll be so happy for you when you are more settled in!

  3. Glad to hear from you. Hoping that the house sale goes QUICKLY so you can get settled in your new home. Where is all of your stuff at while you wait?  You know….I hear that SILVERNICKS in Virden has a selection of bathing suits! lol So glad you are able to post again, I have missed ya! Love ya!

  4. @BigToePeople – I am so so sorry for not getting back to you before this!  Things have been mad trying to find a place… it looks like we will now be renting and we think we’ve found a good deal so hopefully we’ll have keys by end of week and then our stuff should start showing up… It may be a week or so before I have free time… uhg… what a nutty month this has been!  But I will make sure that we are able to meet you for lunch or dinner soon because my parents want to see you again!  🙂  Hope things are going well for you guys… as far as the UCI inspection goes Ryan is so bummed… we JUST finished this at our last base and it’s such a bear… Oh well! 

  5. @fallensparrow – No worries. I was just thinking this morning that I have totally botched my desire to welcome you to Del Rio.  It looks like we might be doing an overnighter in SA Fri-Sat because we STILL don’t have our international drivers licenses for our vacation to the Netherlands in 4weeks. You can’t get one in Del Rio, and it’s hard to match trips to SA with the hours AAA is open. Ugh. I wanted one weekend at home! We WILL be home the following weekend (God willing) and I’d love to have you over…and your parents too if they are around! I’m dying for our dogs to meet and see if they get along. Guess what?! Next week, I’m dog sitting 2 golden retrievers and the funny little puppy named Yoda.

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