Yep you guessed it…

Things have not let up and my life is still insane…

I know that many of you have HUGE events going on in your lives… some good, some bad, some heartbreaking… I’ve been doing my best to skim my subs so that I at least know how to pray for you ladies who are so close to my heart… It just breaks my heart that I haven’t been able to participate and I miss you so much!

Things are wrapping up here though… We leave Phoenix, AZ for our new home town of Del Rio, TX on Saturday morning at 5am.  We’ll be driving 11 hours the first day, staying overnight and then hitting Del Rio sometime in the early afternoon on Sunday the 12th. 

As for where we’ll be living… we’re not 100% sure yet but we are currently pursuing actually buying a house…  we’re just praying that if it’s God’s will for us at the moment it will work out and if not that the doors will be slammed in our face… 

I’ll be back soon… hopefully and I’ll try to update on anything big.  Love you ladies… see you soon… and know that even though I’m not here I’m HERE!


9 thoughts on “Yep you guessed it…

  1. I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how it’s going. So glad Ryan is back home with you now. I’m sure things will slow down once you get settled into a home. (I’m feeling the exact same way about my family) lol   Take care!

  2. Wow, that means you’re HERE!!! Welcome to Del Rio.Let me know if you want to do lunch this week or even get the dogs together for a play date this weekend. Steve will be cross country this weekend and I have a TON of stuff to do to get my novel out the door, but I’m sure I could take a work break and see if the dogs wanna play.Hang in there with all the busy stuff that goes with moving, but at least your husband and you are doing it together.

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