Gone for now…


I am so sorry for my long absence.  There are quite a few HUGE life changes going on amongst my family and church family and due to pregnancies and surgeries I’m one of only a few people that is available for heavy lifting and grunt work. 

I wake up at 5:30am every morning so I can spend about an hour online writing my husband and trying desperately to catch up with everyone else but I’m so far behind an hour just doesn’t cut it so commenting is out though I try very hard to at least read.  I then, after an insanely busy day, fall into bed at about 9:30 or 10pm every night… grab my computer and try to spend a little time working on my pictures or trying to write.  I usually end up waking up with my head against the wall and drool all down my face at 1am with a stiff neck and nothing to show for it!  I spend a lot of my time on Facebook these days because it is so completely emotionally undemanding! 

The simple truth is that these days my life is not my own.  I MISS YOU!  Please forgive this lapse and know that I will be back!  Ryan comes home in 9 days and then 9 days later we’ll be leaving for Del Rio, TX.   We’ll be there for four years again without family or much to take up our time…  I’LL BE BACK!  Please don’t give up on me…  Know that you are ever in my thoughts and prayers and even if I’m a bit late hearing what’s going on in your lives I think about you and pray for you and your families. 

Wishing I could be one of the ladies keeping Xanga alive…


Gone for now,

13 thoughts on “Gone for now…

  1. Cograts on your Tech Select Hubby!!! I saw his name on the list when my husband was skimming through the list!! I remembered asking for happy thoughts a few months back!! Congrats Congrats to him!!!!

  2. I was just thinking the other day that Ryan must be coming home soon!  I didn’t know HOW soon!Yeah!!! Miss you… but totally understand.I’ve been so bad with blogging… even though I’m lurking. 

  3. I’m so glad he is coming home soon!! I have missed you. Seems like NOBODY is on Xanga anymore. I have been spending alot of time on facebook as well but it sure isn’t as “personal” as Xanga is, that’s for sure. Love you and miss you.

  4. I haven’t expected you to be on much. Moving and family time both take up a ton of time…and you’re up to both. I hope all your loved ones are okay.I met a puppy named Yoda yesterday! It was at the spouse group get together. He’s a rescue pup, still rolly poly and had mange when he was found. It’s cured, but his fur is still growing back. His ears are totally Yoda ears and he has some smoky brown in his face. Im wondering if there’s some golden retriever and maybe some german shepherd in him all mixed with a littler breed. Anyway, it made me think of you.Guess what?! Our squadron commander briefed the spouses at our monthly gathering last night.  I guess there are 5-ish cases of swine flu on base at the moment. People are getting quarantined, planes are being wiped down with alcohol, gate guards aren’t allowed to touch our ID cards (they ask you to hold it and flip it for them to read), hand sanitizer is everywhere, and they’re braced for it to be blown out of proportion in the media. I think it’s student pilots who have caught it. They’re grounding pilots and having them stay home. They even had a guy’s 2 healthy roommates get quarantined. Apparently, it’s just a normal flu in strength (“normal” strains killed more people last year). What’s the big deal is that it’s unlike any flu we’ve had in flu shots in the past several years, so it will likely be caught and spread more easily.  There’s a theory that it’s similar to a flu strain that was out and about in the 70’s and 80’s, so we old people might have more immunity. Anywhoo, the commander said it will hit the local papers the next morning (Today, Wednesday) and will likely hit CNN soon. He fully expects the media to blow it way out of proportion. Thought you might like to be privy to info before CNN is

  5. Don’t worry Courtney-seems like everyone is busy these days!  We’ll all be here whenever you get back!  ๐Ÿ™‚  I’m not on here much right now anyway.  I’m on Facebook a lot too, what is your last name?  I’ll try to find you!

  6. @BigToePeople – YIKES!  Thanks for the heads up.  I hope everything is going okay and that it is pretty much contained…  I hope that you guys are okay as well!  Sorry for taking so long to reply…  Ryan will be home in just two days… YIPEE and that means we’ll be there in Del Rio in just 11 days!  (We’ll pull in Sunday evening the 12th.)  So we’ll see you soon! 

  7. Oooh, you are in Del Rio by now!  So you are officially “neighbors” with Kris!  Yay!Don’t worry- I’m terribly busy as well.  Haha, as evidenced by me JUST NOW getting to this post.  Lol.

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