Fair Fortunes

Our first morning in Laughlin, NV dawned a little cloudy with a nice breeze!

Everyone did their own breakfast so Grandpa and I went downstairs to take advantage of a breakfast buffet!!!  (It wasn’t great but it was free due to a few coupons left in our room… YUM)

After breakfast we all met up to decide what to do with our day.  The guys went off to enjoy a car show and us ladies took a walk along the river to enjoy the breeze and the view.



 My Aunt Betty, Grandma Fern, and my mom.


 The Arizona side of the Colorado River.


 All of the flowers were in bloom!





Me and Aunt Betty! 



 Mom and Aunt Betty.



 We had a wonderful time that day visiting and wandering around…  We ended the night early and headed off to bed!

The next morning dawned bright and clear!  Just look at the mountain view from our room! 


 I love desert mountain!  Oh how I’ve missed them!!!


 We went down and had breakfast as a group and then said farewell to my mom and dad.  They had to head back to Phoenix but the rest of us had one more day.

We loaded up in the car and drove the strip to see what we could see.


 We found a casino that had a train but it was closed for the day so we couldn’t ride it.  However, I got to go out on the platform and get some pictures of the set up.


 Pretty place huh?  And some pretty ladies!!! 


 We went back to the hotel and my grandparents and Mike and Betty took a nap.  I took the opportunity to walk along the river one last time…


 Beautiful walk…


 Beautiful view!


 That was the end of our time in Laughlin, NV.  I don’t have as many pictures of those last few days as I do the first because we were having FUN and I was too distracted to pull my camera out at every opportunity! 

We ended that night with dinner and then said our goodbyes as Betty and Mike would be leaving for the airport at the crack of dawn.

It was a wonderful time and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity!!!

Auf Wiedersehen!



7 thoughts on “Fair Fortunes

  1. You are so fortunate to be able to travel and sight-see like you do!! You have been to so many beautiful areas!! I haven’t gotten to be on Xanga as much lately so I feel like I am lost from everyone. Hope you are doing well. Love you!!

  2. Oh it sounds like you are enjoying your time with family!! I do miss being on xanga as much too.. I can always tell when summer comes along.. almost all of us lack enough time to spend on xanga.. which is really a good thing! 🙂 means we are off the computer spending time with family or on vacations..But I do miss you and I know you probably miss regularity a little! But soon enough everything will calm down! Take Care, and miss you!

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