Gone for now…


I am so sorry for my long absence.  There are quite a few HUGE life changes going on amongst my family and church family and due to pregnancies and surgeries I’m one of only a few people that is available for heavy lifting and grunt work. 

I wake up at 5:30am every morning so I can spend about an hour online writing my husband and trying desperately to catch up with everyone else but I’m so far behind an hour just doesn’t cut it so commenting is out though I try very hard to at least read.  I then, after an insanely busy day, fall into bed at about 9:30 or 10pm every night… grab my computer and try to spend a little time working on my pictures or trying to write.  I usually end up waking up with my head against the wall and drool all down my face at 1am with a stiff neck and nothing to show for it!  I spend a lot of my time on Facebook these days because it is so completely emotionally undemanding! 

The simple truth is that these days my life is not my own.  I MISS YOU!  Please forgive this lapse and know that I will be back!  Ryan comes home in 9 days and then 9 days later we’ll be leaving for Del Rio, TX.   We’ll be there for four years again without family or much to take up our time…  I’LL BE BACK!  Please don’t give up on me…  Know that you are ever in my thoughts and prayers and even if I’m a bit late hearing what’s going on in your lives I think about you and pray for you and your families. 

Wishing I could be one of the ladies keeping Xanga alive…


Gone for now,

Fair Fortunes

Our first morning in Laughlin, NV dawned a little cloudy with a nice breeze!

Everyone did their own breakfast so Grandpa and I went downstairs to take advantage of a breakfast buffet!!!  (It wasn’t great but it was free due to a few coupons left in our room… YUM)

After breakfast we all met up to decide what to do with our day.  The guys went off to enjoy a car show and us ladies took a walk along the river to enjoy the breeze and the view.



 My Aunt Betty, Grandma Fern, and my mom.


 The Arizona side of the Colorado River.


 All of the flowers were in bloom!





Me and Aunt Betty! 



 Mom and Aunt Betty.



 We had a wonderful time that day visiting and wandering around…  We ended the night early and headed off to bed!

The next morning dawned bright and clear!  Just look at the mountain view from our room! 


 I love desert mountain!  Oh how I’ve missed them!!!


 We went down and had breakfast as a group and then said farewell to my mom and dad.  They had to head back to Phoenix but the rest of us had one more day.

We loaded up in the car and drove the strip to see what we could see.


 We found a casino that had a train but it was closed for the day so we couldn’t ride it.  However, I got to go out on the platform and get some pictures of the set up.


 Pretty place huh?  And some pretty ladies!!! 


 We went back to the hotel and my grandparents and Mike and Betty took a nap.  I took the opportunity to walk along the river one last time…


 Beautiful walk…


 Beautiful view!


 That was the end of our time in Laughlin, NV.  I don’t have as many pictures of those last few days as I do the first because we were having FUN and I was too distracted to pull my camera out at every opportunity! 

We ended that night with dinner and then said our goodbyes as Betty and Mike would be leaving for the airport at the crack of dawn.

It was a wonderful time and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity!!!

Auf Wiedersehen!



On the Road Again!

My life has quite frankly spun out of control.  I have so much to talk about, so much on my mind, and I have zero time to even put the thoughts into words… I have spent most of my online time on Facebook harvesting my farm because writing is just too draining right now…  I have missed you all so much…  I can’t wait to get to Texas and settle in so that my time is my own again… Know that I think of you often, that I miss you and that I can’t wait to catch up again one day!



One week after my return from Del Rio, TX and Laughlin AFB I was off on an unexpected trip to Laughlin, Nevada with my Grandparents!


You see, when I arrived home in Phoenix it was to the news that my Great Aunt Betty (the wonderful lady who came, along with Uncle Mike, to visit me in Germany last summer while Ryan was deployed) had been diagnosed with a terminal illness.


She has Neurocrine hyperplasia and is one of only four people in the world who has it.  Basically what that means is that the lining in her lungs sloughs off and settles to the bottom of her lungs.  It slowly over time fills the lungs.  To complicate that, she is the only one of the four that also has something that makes the sloughed off material multiply.  She is currently on an experimental drug and we are waiting to hear how it is affecting the disease.


She is a strong and courageous woman.  She is one of my heroes and I know God will reward her for her strength and determination in the face of all of this… but all of us would greatly appreciate your prayers! 


Shortly after receiving this news I also learned that Aunt Betty and Uncle Mike were coming down to Laughlin, Nevada for an extended weekend and that my Grandparents were on their way to meet up with them and visit for a few days. 


I got a last minute invitation to tag along and I gladly took it!!!  Mom and Dad also hopped the bandwagon and we were off for three days in the summer heat of Nevada and some quality time visiting with family.


But first, the drive! (This picture was taken in the middle of Joshua Tree National Forrest!)




 Oh how I love being back home in the desert… Crazy I may be but the desert gets into your blood just like green trees and snow… 




 There’s just something about it!






Do you know what is in the middle of nowhere? 

Well, now you do!  Welcome to Nothing, AZ!  (The middle of it to be precise!)




“On the road again… like a band of gypsies we go down the highway…”








 I just can’t seem to get enough of that blue!!!   






 I love the rocks of Arizona!




Every time I drive through the desert I can’t keep every Western I’ve ever read from echoing through my mind…




One last peek at the majestic mountains of Arizona…




 And then we were in Nevada!  Welcome to Laughlin…




 We’re so happy to be here!




One very long walk and a long elevator ride we found our room.  We ended up being on the 26th floor…




What a view!






 Once my grandparents were settled in their room I decided to use the few hours of downtime we had before Aunt Betty and Uncle Mike got in to explore the “strip”.  I took a stroll along the Colorado River










 There were carp everywhere!  Can you see them?




This spring was gorgeous in the desert… everything was in bloom!






 And of course, there was a Starbucks!  WOOT WOOT!!!




As I wandered along I saw Mom and Dad coming out to join me on my walk!




We headed off to explore some of the casinos…




…and some of the sights.  Can you see that sign?  Steamboat Wedding!   




  We ended our walk at the Colorado Belle…




 Where they have a moat full of the biggest Koi you’ll ever see…




Mom and I 




Dad and Mom 




Me and Dad 




 The Colorado Belle also boasts live music!




After a few hours of walking around we headed back to my hotel to greet Aunt Betty and Uncle Mike.  Have I mentioned that they didn’t have a clue we were coming?  It was a complete surprise! 




They had a riverfront room and I couldn’t help but take some pictures! Isn’t it beautiful?




 That’s Arizona out there on the other side of the river!




 After a visit we headed down to the Mexican restaurant in our hotel!  Aunt Betty loves mexican food and you know I’ve been missing it! 




 Me and Aunt Betty, my buddy!




After dinner we walked back across the bridge and I had a great view of the strip!




 And the Arizona side of the river.




The Riverside.  (Our hotel)




I’ll be back soon with another set of pictures from the rest of our trip!