Del Rio, TX

It’s about time I tell you about the trip I took, along with my mom and dad, to visit my new home town a few weeks ago!

We did our homework… we looked up our route online, mapped it, calculated the distance and time required.  We booked our hotel and put the address into our GPS. 

We cheerfully set out on a 12.5 hour drive and anticipated seeing my new hometown by sunset. 

We arrived almost 15 hours later in full dark…  It’s the only time that google, mapquest and yahoo maps have all let us down!  We stopped exactly 5 times… we figured out that it equaled a total of 40 minutes in stops… NOT 2.5 hours!  YIKES!!!

All that aside… we arrived…


 We hunted up our hotel… It’s the America’s Best Value Inn.  (I wouldn’t go that far… HA 🙂


 We found our room… We unloaded the car and settled in to rest up for a few days of exploration!


Our very first act the next morning was to find some breakfast.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my new town has an IHOP!


We even made a new friend with our waitress!  (I mean that too, we ate there the second day as well and she remembered us and came over to say hello!  This might be one of my new favorite haunts!)

Here we are waiting for our breakfast…




After a lovely breakfast it was off to explore Del Rio and see what it has to offer. 


 It’s a nice little town with everything you need.


 And even a few things you don’t need!




 The streets are clean and well maintained… 


 The people are friendly…


The whole town just has a nice feel all around!

And there are TWO SONICS! 


Oh yeah… and did I mention the Super Walmart!?  You can not possibly fathom how excited I am unless you’ve spent three years in Europe…  This is an extremely nice Walmart too… we checked it out!



 After breakfast we spent the day checking out the neighborhoods.  I had a few addresses of homes currently for rent and we looked at them just to see what living there would be like. 


 Nice homes… and nice neighborhoods…


I think I’m really going to enjoy living there!


 After a few hours driving around we decided to head out to Laughlin Air Force Base, our new assignment.  It’s a nice base and I’m looking forward to learning all it has to offer! 


That pretty much ended our first day in Del Rio, Texas.


 The morning dawned cloudy and a bit humid.  We drove around the neighborhoods a little bit more then had lunch with my friend Kris. 

Then it was off to check out Lake Amistad! 


 The lake is literally minutes from town…   


It’s a huge desert lake!  LOL  Because of the clouds and the chilly wind we didn’t spend too much time but I took a moment to take a few pictures of the lake area…




Oh how I missed thee…


 Pretty desert trees…


with thorns!   


 Pretty flowers…


And what in the world is that?


  Mom paused to let me take her pictures before running back up the trail!  It was cold!


  Where we found dad kickin’ it back and waiting for us to get back!


Pretty day!


 Then it was back into town… 


 Check out those clouds!


 Later that day we headed into South Del Rio… Old Town. 


It’s gorgeous down there and the houses are amazing!  I thought I would share a few (or so) shots just for fun… You had better believe that these are not in our price range!  🙂



























  In the middle of old town we discovered a river with a park!  Pretty eh?


 We hopped out to explore and take a few photos… what else? 


 Pretty day…


 The local wildlife was cooperative!





 There was even a bridge!






That was that!  We headed back to the hotel to wind down and have an early night… At just before dawn the next morning we took off and said goodbye to Del Rio… for now! 


 We learned one thing about Del Rio, TX that will be valuable information in years to come… It doesn’t want you to leave!

On our way out we came across hundreds of little deer and had a few very close calls…  Sadly I did not have my camera out… I was too concerned with staying alive!

Once we came around a bend in the road to see a deer grazing on a small patch of grass growing down the yellow line in the center of the road!  There was not enough time to stop though Dad locked it up a little in an attempt…  After a heartbeat of sliding he realized he’d have to decide which way the deer would go so he hit the gas and sped around it’s hind in with only inches (and I MEAN 2) to spare…

All the while the deer grazed… we only warranted a flick of its ears…

Of course we were all three screaming at the top of our lungs so it might have been the sound rather than the breeze of a speeding car that caught it’s attention…

We made it in the end to drive our 14 more hours across the blazing desert where nothing moved…

But there has been one side effect… I can’t get the song “Home on the Range” out of my head even all these weeks later… You know…

“Where the deer and the antelope play at trying to wreck your car and snicker as you go screaming by…”

Oops sorry!  🙂  Anyway…

It was a great trip and it really made me excited for the adventure we’re heading for!  It was a nice town and I can see myself being happy there….


That’s it for me today!  I still have so much to share but so little time!  I’ll be around!



14 thoughts on “Del Rio, TX

  1. Fantastic!  I’m so glad you feel better about moving there.  It looks like it’s really nice and has a lot to offer you!You look like both of your parents so perfectly.  Great looking family!

  2. That town looks so much better than I remembered it!  It looks like you are gonna have a great time living there!!!  Love the pictures…I LOVE the homes with those gracious porches, the plantation columns, and the Spanish style ones as well.  Lovely!  Don’t you always see houses you just WISH you could afford?  I know I do, all the time!I can’t wait to see what house you get and how you decorate it! 

  3. Courtney I think it looks like a mighty nice place to live!  It will be diffrent for you after living in Germany all these years, but I am certain you will be happy.I am so glad that you and Kris got to meet while you were there. Shes mighty sweet and I know its nice to have someone who actually lives there to give you tips and pointers on the place. I hope that life in Texas is great for you!!!

  4. Im soo glad you LOVE TX. I love that state so much  (but I might be just a TAD bias since I lived there from birth till well the last two years).Im glad you seem happy with it and Im excited for this new adventure in your life too. I’ve been reading you long enough its about TIME we be in the same state ;)As for our order fiasco, I thought it was over yesterday with the final word on HOOD.Till today when they suspended our orders and I have NO idea what any of it means.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IM GOING CRAZY.

  5. How exciting!!! I love the pictures. I laugh at how you called that a “small” town. lol….it looks HUGE compared to my town! lol What is the population there? We have something like 3700 here. Glad you got to visit your new home area. Looks like you will have plenty to take pictures of!  I loved the big older homes that you took pictures of. I would love to live in one of those kind again.  Your mom is such a beautiful lady. Take care!

  6. Courtney-I love how you find beauty wherever you go.  Where is Del Rio in Texas?  I don’t know if you knew this or not, but I live in Little Rock, AR and I just wondered how far away it was from here.  Looks like a neat little town!  Gotta love a super Wal-Mart!

  7. WOW. Just wow. Those houses are BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE Colonial houses! I can’t get over how clear the river water was in the park, you can see the ducks’ feet! Your new hometown looks beautiful & I’m glad you can see yourself being happy there. When will you start looking for a house? Thanks for updating on this, I’ve been wondering!

  8. @Jifners – Sorry it took me so long to reply!  Del Rio is about 2.5 hours due west of San Antonio on the border of Mexico!  We have AF friends that will be moving to Florida this year.  Maybe if we go visit them next year we’ll have to take a short break in Little Rock and meet you!

  9. @NaomiJoy – I loved living in Germany and it will always hold a special place in my heart and I’m so glad I got the opportunity but I don’t think I’ll miss actually living there… I’ll miss it but not being there… does that make sense?  LOL

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