Catch up!

I think it’s about time I attempted to catch up…  For weeks now I’ve been struggling to grasp that this is not a vacation… I’m not going back to Germany… My life won’t slow down enough to have time to do all of this… I just have to learn to fit it in!  I need to find a balance!  Thank you all for bearing with me…

I’ll start my catch up with my last morning in Germany…  I was tempted to skip over this because so much has happened since.  However, it was one of the prettiest mornings I’ve ever seen… it was as if God was giving me a send off that would remain forever in my heart.  So I’ll share it!

We started out for the airport at 6am on my last day and as a result we witnessed a glorious sunrise.


 As the day lengthened it got better and better!


 The colors became deeper and the light was no longer a weak winter light…


 Germany was at its best that morning…


 And then we drove into Koblenz…


 Where the Rhine and the Mein rivers meet…  We found a stop off overlook that we’d never seen before and were treated to a glorious view! 


 Sunrise on the Rhein.


 See the apple trees in blossom?


It was a wonderful note to leave on.  I will never forget my time there, the things I saw, the places I went…  Never in all my life will the draw of Europe let me go…  It has been an amazing adventure and though I’m glad to come home it will forever hold a special place in my heart!


My flight home was uneventful… Actually it was the best one I’ve ever had!  It was a great relief to come home to my boys, safe, sound and happy to see me!  I was asleep the moment my head hit the pillow…


The very next day was Easter Sunday and I hit the ground running!

It was a blast and of course my favorite part was introducing Savannah to my boys!


 Look at those pigtails!  She has discovered the fun of feeding dogs and the boys have discovered that you never want to be far from where the baby is sitting! 


 What a cutie pie!


 And she never stops! 


 Well, almost never…


 She and the boys were soon fast friends and the running and playing commenced!


 Here she is saying “Puppies!?”  I can’t even begin to explain how cute this is…


 Yep Savannah it’s a puppy!  Yoda wasn’t so sure what she was though!


 Pretty shells… 


 Then it was time for the Easter Egg hunt…  She walked around the whole time with her arm up like that… trying to hold onto her basket!


Found one!


 Thank you Momma (and baby brother!)


 Yay another one! 


 Look at all my eggs mom!




 Uh oh! 


 Grandpa will help you!




 Yoda too!


 Missed one!


 Then it was time to pull out my red parasol and see if she would play…


 Not so much but it was worth a try!


 That next week we prepared for days for a HUGE yard sale!  Just look at our layout!


 It looked like a boutique in the garage…


 We had china and exercise equipment. 


 We had antiques and clothes…



 Pictures and nicknacks…


 Jewelry and lamps… 


 It was a huge success!  We as a family made almost $1,500.00!  Wowsers!

And that covers my first 10 days or so in Phoenix.  I’ll be back with more later (but not much later I promise!)

Oooo and you have to see this weird bug I caught on my mom’s yard sale table… what in the world IS that thing?


I’ll leave off there for the day… trust me… there are a lot more things to share!  You’ll be sick of me in no time!

So I’ll leave you with my favorite picture from the first week…  I call it…





11 thoughts on “Catch up!

  1. Aww, your niece is adorable. I bet the boys are happy to be back home in the heat again! Did you get your Starbucks and your Sonic? Hope so! I’m so impressed at your yard sale layout. I bet the customers were surprised to. I’ve never seen a layout look that nice! I can’t wait to hear more about what you’ve been up to & if you found a place yet or not!

  2. Your last pics of Germany were AWESOME!! God certainly is a master artist, isn’t He?! Simply stunning :)The pics of your niece & the boys are so sweet!!! I can see a lifelong friendship budding 🙂 She is so adorable. Your yardsale looks awesome!! I wish I lived closer & could have browsed the stuff you were selling. It all looked so beautiful. I’m glad you’re enjoying your time back home! The weather looks amazing.

  3. Holy yardsale sucess!!!  Well done!Savannah is lovely!  So cute playing with the dogs!Thanks for catching us up on your life.  I look forward to more!Your goodbye to Germany was amazing.  What beauty.  I’ll miss your pictures from there.

  4. I am so happy that God gave you such a beautiful and memorable send off from Germany!!! I know you will miss living there, but its good to have you home here in the states!!!I love the photos of Savannah and the boys, they sure are mighty cute together!!! I know you are very busy, thanks for taking the time to share with us!!! 

  5. She is so cute!  Is she your niece?  How old is she?  Wish I could have come to that yard sale….looks like a ton of neat stuff!  I know you’re glad to have all that moving over with!  Welcome back to the States!

  6. It was so good to read-up on your adventures coming back to the US. What a gorgeous sunrise to leave, but what fun it looks like you’ve had with your family. Congrats on the successful garage sale! And LOVE baby thriller! lol! *hugs*

  7. Great pictures!!! I love the one where your niece looks like she is in deep thought. So cute!! What an awesome garage sale!! I’d have been there if I’d have been “a little” closer! lol Love you!

  8. I also love the picture of your niece deep in thought.  She is such a CUTIE!  Oh my goodness, is she adorable!  You have every right to be a very proud aunt!  And your sister looks great!  She is beautiful.  🙂  Seriously, I can’t get over how cute Savannah is.  Those pictures are so precious.GORGEOUS pictures of your last morning in Germany!WHOA!  That is one NICE garage sale!  You certainly had a successful one!

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