The Saddest Thing…

I know that I got caught up again… I know I’m far behind… I know I broke my promise to write more often…

But circumstances were beyond my control this week…  (As in I made a trip to Laughlin, NV last minute for a very good reason and ended up not having email access for four days.) … but I promise I’ll catch up…



However, today will not be the day.  Today HAS to be dedicated to Ryan.

Today he sits alone in a hotel room on a last minute TDY.  He has very little internet access, no phone, he’s on a night shift that makes sure he’s working when we are all awake and because of the nature of his TDY he is completely out of range.  He isn’t sleeping in his own bed and doesn’t even have access to the people he works with today… and I’m 6,000 miles away along with our boys…

Why does all of this matter beyond just being sad?

Today is Ryan’s 30th birthday!


We couldn’t even send out a care package because he’s not home to get it!  So if you have a moment… email him or leave a comment on his facebook!  His email is (

Happy birthday Ryan…  I hope that you can feel my thoughts, prayers, and wishes for you today…  We miss you!!!  (PSSST so do the boys!)


ONLY 58 DAYS until you’re home with us again!

We’re counting!

And we promise when you come home to have a party you’ll never forget!

All my NUBBS


8 thoughts on “The Saddest Thing…

  1. What a puppy!  Oh…no….not the dogs in the picture…I am talking about what a puppy Ryan is….so young! lol  I sent him a birthday e-mail. Hope you are settling in well. I sure have missed you on here. Love you!

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