My Pet Rocks

One of the curses of being a military wife is that you are constantly leaving people behind.

I don’t make good friends easily and when I do it’s for life…  Three years in Germany and I didn’t REALLY open up enough to make good lasting friends until the last six months or so…  and I had to walk away with the hopes of keeping in touch.

My husband makes fun of me for having “online friends”, in fact he calls them my Pet Rocks!  But these women have made a wonderful impact on my life!

When the Air Force moves me the dynamics of all my life’s relationships change…  Everything changes… People who I see every week at church I won’t see for months, people I talked to every day I never talk with anymore because I don’t have a normal phone and it’s hard to calculate the time difference.  To leave my home, my family and my country behind and then to loose all of my connections is very hard!!!

But these women that I know online, that I read about and who in turn read about me, NEVER CHANGE!  It doesn’t matter what country or state I live in or even what time zone because this is where we’ve always known each other!

As with any group of friends there are a few that I’ve connected with in a way that makes up almost as close as sisters…  Over the years I’ve had the privilege to meet two of these women and in my travels of the past 16 days I have been unexpectedly blessed to meet two more!

When I flew home from Germany for the last time a few weeks ago I had a layover in Detroit. 

Imagine my surprise when one of these wonderful women e-mailed me to say she lived only 45 minutes from the airport and she would love to meet me!  This is Renee or (babybooties33)


 The funny thing about Renee is that when she and I met (online) she and her husband were living in Germany about 7 hours away from me due to his job.  Last year they moved home to the states and we mourned that things had never worked out for us to meet… Then lo and behold after living in the same foreign country together for over two years we got the chance to meet on a random layover!

We were excited to meet!!! 


 God truly blessed us with this opportunity and I found a true friend in Renee.  Obviously we hit it off!  It’s such a blessing to meet someone that you have a true connection to and find that it bleeds over into real life in a way that makes you sad to leave them never knowing if you’ll meet again… but we will!  In this weeks entry!


 Thank you Renee, for making the trip to meet me! 


The second woman I was privileged to meet actually lives in my new home town of Del Rio, TX.  Her name is Kris or (BigToePeople).  We were put in touch by ladies who knew us both when Ryan and I found out that TX would be our new home and we hit it off!

My parents and I took a road trip down to Del Rio (Much more about that later) to check out the town and look at houses to rent and I got the opportunity to have lunch with Kris!  We had a blast and talked for over two hours… and believe it or not my parents loved meeting her too!  We had a wonderful time!

As I said, God has truly blessed me in this.  I will now be moving to a new place with the knowledge that I already have a friend there!


 Thank you again Kris for making this possible. 

It is such a blessing to find that the women I “KNOW” online are just as real in person.  They are exactly who they appear to be.

It has been a pleasure to meet these four women who have enriched my life with their words and prayers and now with their trust!


I have so much to share from the last few weeks and I’m working on getting those posts ready!  I’ll be caught up soon and I’m going to make sure I’m back for good so look out for more, much more, from me later!

Have a great day everyone!  I’m off to enjoy the sunshine!



12 thoughts on “My Pet Rocks

  1. I love this post, Courtney πŸ™‚  I know how you feel…because my kids are little I don’t really have the time (or energy) to make really close friends quickly…it just takes a long time.  BUT, my online friends have always been such a blessing!

  2. That is wonderful that you got to meet a couple of new friends!!! I am so happy for you. Someday MAYBE we will get the chance to meet!! Love you girl. Hope you are doing great.

  3. I’m so glad your trip “home” was marked with meeting such wonderful women!! Isn’t it a blessing to meet these women in real life & click with them like you do online?? I’ve met one xanga woman & we’ve gotten together a few times. Anyways, your stories are always fun! I’m glad you updated πŸ™‚

  4. Being a military wife is special like that. We get to meet wonderful people and then we dispurs and end up all over the world. It’s always sad when the good friends that you meet have to move, or you have to move. I have also been blessed to meet an AMAZING friend, Jacky (PrettyBondage) here on xanga. I went to visit her in Cali last time my husband was deployed and am going back to see her again this deployment. I’m blessed to be able to continue to meet wonderful girls online and transfer that relationship to “real life.” Glad you had such an great time visiting everyone. ❀ Amanda

  5. How wonderful that you met your 2 friends, and Kris lives in your new town!  That’s such a blessing!!!  I look forward to hearing more about those relationships, and also the new things you have to share with us.

  6. As I said before, I’m so glad, but jealous , that you got to meet Kris.  And how fun to meet another friend on your layover!  Okay, I know you’ve met those two and Melissa, but who was the fourth one?  I hope to meet some Xanga friends someday, but it’ll probably have to be once I’m married and my husband can go with me because my parents would probably never let me go or want to go with me themselves.  They don’t quite understand the special relationships I’ve created on here.  My dad is always teasing me about being friends with people I’ve never met and who could be “fake people”.  *rolls eyes*  Lol.  I can’t wait to read more entries from you!

  7. Aaaw, Courtney! I had such a good time at lunch. I can’t wait to have you in the neighborhood, but Xanga is almost as good I spend more time on Xanga than I do with in-person friends because I’m on Xanga at work much of the time.@leannenannette – I think we might just be able to meet someday. And I’d be happy to have your parents along. I’d commend them for looking out for you. My dad was that protective of me, and I didn’t “get it” until I saw the movie A Time to Kill about a little girl who got raped and her dad tried to make sure there was justice. My dad “never let me do anything” because I was a girl…he was a lawer and a DA and knew all the demented things that happen to kids from his court cases. In 2 Christmasses, we’ll be back in the Detroit area…maybe we can all meet up some time like that. I’ll bring Steve in case you’re scary, lol.

  8. @BigToePeople – Yes, I’m glad that they do watch out for me.  I would LOVE to meet you and Steve.  I hope that by then I can have my parents talked into it.  Maybe I should start now.  Lol.  If not then, I’m sure we can find a time someday!

  9. Your pet rocks-when I read this I couldn’t help but laugh by your hubby’s impression of xanga. I’ve tried to explain the dynamics of xanga to my hubby but he just doesn’t “get it”. lol! When we all go threw the struggles of military life- both exciting and overwhelming I feel like some of the “civilian people” just “don’t get it” and thats okay but also the reason I have absolutly fallen in love w/ xanga so much. YEAH TO PET ROCKS! lol! *hugs*

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