Hit the ground runnin’

Hello all,

I’m here safe and sound!  I have been so very busy with family and other immediate projects that I haven’t had more than a few minutes here and there… let alone time to come online and visit!  Things are going to be like this for the next few weeks…

This week we are preparing for a huge yard sale on Friday and Saturday so my time is consumed…

Next week Mom, Dad, and I are piling into a car and heading for Del Rio!  I’m excited to explore my new town and look for a house!

When I’m back I’m sure I’ll have plenty to share…

Until then take care.  I’ll miss talking to all of you.


11 thoughts on “Hit the ground runnin’

  1. Welcome back to the USA!Feel free to give me a call when you’re in Del Rio. I have a Monday appt at Wilford Hall (fertility clinic) and we should be home in Del Rio by 2 or 3pm. I have the rest of Monday off, but work 8am-4pm the rest of the week. Will message you my number.

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