There are now


days left until I move home to the States.



I’ve got nothing people… NOTHING!  I have wracked my brains all day for some interesting tidbit to share with you… some little piece of information to take the sheer boredom out of this post… and I’m still empty handed and empty headed for that matter!  So you’ll have to settle for little tidbits of news…

The dogs did NOT fly out today… the flight was changed for the third time at the last minute.

They now fly out tomorrow at 10:45am… but they have to be there at 6:00am… which means we have to leave our house at 3:30am… which means we’ll be up by 2:30am…  so much for resting up before my long trip! 

So we drop them off tomorrow and then I’m off on Saturday morning!  One awesome thing that has come up is that I get to meet Renee, one of my dearest friends on Xanga, for lunch/dinner in the Detroit airport!  She and I lived in Germany at the same time for two years and our schedules and trips just never crossed paths… How funny that after living on the far side of the world together we’ll finally be meeting in a random airport in the States…  I’m so excited!!!!

Other than those few bits and pieces the only thing going on is that we have our last dinner at the Landhaus Biehl this evening.  I’ll be saying goodbye to Dirk and Nichole, some of our best friends here in Germany.  I am going to miss them quite a bit and their hotel, her food, and Room #17 will forever hold a special place in my heart…

Okay, I’m off to pack and finish up the hundreds of little things that need seeing too before I leave Germany for the last time in ONLY TWO DAYS!!!!

Until tomorrow,



8 thoughts on “Zwei~TWO~Dos

  1. As you’re numbers decrease your pictures get cooler and cooler.I’m so sorry the pups flight got changed AGAIN!  How frustrating…. and OIY!  Talk about the butt crack of dawn!  Ouch!  So excited to see you on Saturday.  SO excited!!! 

  2. What’s with room #17?It’s crazy how many times your dog’s flights have changed.  Waking up @ 2:30am sucks.  Hopefully you’ll be able to rest up and not be bogged down when you get back to the desert.

  3. OK, I am embarrassed to admit, but I almost feel like crying that you’re leaving Germany!!! It’s probably a selfish reason, I love your stories & your pictures & living vicariously through you, but I also know how hard it is to have a certain era of your life come to an end. How sad to have to wrap up years of living in one place in just mere days!! Sorry about your dogs flight being changed A-GAIN! Ugh, how frustrating!! I hope that they have a safe flight & get back to the states with little to no anxiety. Poor guys hate to fly :(I hope you can find some time to rest before your long flight!! YAY for getting to meet a xanga friend!! How exciting 🙂

  4. I’m so sorry that the dogs’ flight got switched again!  ICK about having to get up at 2:30!  I love the picture! How fun to meet up with a Xanga friend!  Enjoy it!

  5. Whew! Sounds a bit crazy, but you can always sleep on the flight. (maybe. lol!) Good luck w/ the take off and how exciting that you get to meet up w/ one of your friends. Much love and safe travels! *hugs*

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