There are now


days left until I move home to the States.


One thing that I will desperately miss about living here in Germany is the spring… even more the suddenness of it here.


I’ve lived all my life (before Germany) in the Arizona desert and I will return once more to the desert when I leave here.

I’ll miss the beauty of the changing seasons.


The desert has spring, sure, but not like this!  I’ll miss it…


What do I mean by the suddenness?

Check these out!  This picture was taken on Friday of my favorite big read tree in my yard… it’s just beginning to bud. 


 This one was also taken on Friday.  The Magnolia tree in front of my cozy Germany cottage.


 On Sunday morning I took Ryan out front to show him how much the trees were already changing.  He’s never seen a spring here and I wanted him to really see it this one last time…

I was in shock when I looked at my trees!



How does this happen in just a few days!?


We explored our little front yard to see what else had changed in the few days I hadn’t been paying attention… 


 Everywhere we looked something was blooming…


Even in the cracks of the sidewalk…


We even found that the first Grape Hyacinths are already up and blooming!


 Aren’t they beautiful? I think they will always hold a special place in my heart…  Just like the Daffodils…


 As in every part of life there is a balancing force… Namely something I WON’T miss! 

In this case it’s the plethora of bugs!


 I can certainly do without these guys!


 Until tomorrow,




6 thoughts on “Fünf~FIVE~Cinco

  1. You know, I’ve always grown up with the change of seasons… and continue to love…. and CONTINUE to be amazed by the suddeness of it all!  I planted some bulbs in pots and they are in my house.  Maren and I had been watching them closely …I thought!  It was like they were these little green shoots  one day and then all of a sudden a huge flower!  We DID have all sorts of signs of spring around here…. now we have 4 inches of SNOW!!!!!!  I’m not even kidding.  Overnight…. 4 inches of snow.  It looks like December around here.  I was not informed of the Spring boycott and I would like to formally protest it!

  2. while you have been in germany you have been able to capture its beauty wonderfully for us to see!  Ohio is not germany by any means but one thing I love about ohio is we get a fair amount of each season and all the beautiful flowers and i love it!  

  3. Stunning pictures. Oh, I miss snowdrops. I haven’t seen them in decades. I thought they were so plain when I was a kid, but they’ve become a favorite in memory. Thanks for the pic of your house! Makes for a nice mental image to see where you’re coming from. You may see some cacti bloom by the time you arrive.I really love your photography.

  4. It’s so wild how different spring is from country to country…even here in the states it’s totally different depending on which state you live in. I think your pictures will bring back these memories fresh and beautiful in the days to come. *hugs*

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