~As you can see my title countdown now includes the number of days left in German, English, and Spanish!~

There are now


days left until I move home to the States.

This week I tackled my shaggy old man!  I let his hair grow out super long, partly to keep him warm and partly to get as close to our leave date as possible.

That, and he’s so cute shaggy!



 But this week we hit the point where he flat out couldn’t see anymore and it won’t be too long until he needs the shortest hair he can have to survive the heat!  So I hunkered down in the bathroom with the dreaded clippers and went to work!

He’s not happy with me but he’s adorable!


 And now that we’re getting a little sun here, he’s taken to laying in the sunlight to stay warm!


 There is a quick bit of news on the boys…  They are no longer able to fly home with me on the same plane or the same day for that matter.

I’m going home on Northwest which just got bought out by Delta and the cargo center is changing to Atlanta…  Long story short…  I’m still going through Detroit but they can’t.  So they will be on a plane the following Tuesday.

I’m bummed for them and for the fact that Ryan has to take a second trip to the airport… (it’s about 2 1/2 hours away!) but this is going to work out for the best in the end.

We were going to have to muzzle the boys and walk them through the terminal with me to check in all of us and then we would all be taken to cargo to pack them in and then I had to run back and catch my flight… very stressful!!! 

Now Ryan just takes the boys directly to the cargo area and that’s that. 

Of course on my end this is great!  I now will have a few days in Phoenix to make sure that I have everything I need for them to be comfortable and settle in. 

Well that’s it for me today.

See you tomorrow!




13 thoughts on “Neun~NINE~Nueve

  1. We’re going to have Tucker shaved this summer.  Crazy hair golden retriever.  I think we might do it in a couple weeks actually, to hopefully catch his winter shed before it’s all over the house.

  2. AAAWWWW…you did a great job cutting his hair! How cute he is!!  I would be so worried about the dogs flying seperately. (of course….I’m not much into getting on a plane anyways! lol) Hope you are doing great! Love you!

  3. First….. oh …. he’s sooo cute!  Second…. YOU’RE GOING THROUGH DETROIT????!!!!!  Do you have a layover?  Seriously …. that is 45 minutes from me.  Oh wait…. 9 nine days…. BUMMER!!!  Dang!  That’s Easter weekend and we’re going to my parents house on Friday for the weekend.  You have no idea how bummed I am.  Because in the Northwest terminal there is a restaurant that you can get to either from the Terminal OR from the check-in area.  Mark and I have used that often when he has gone on business trips.  You don’t have to have a boarding pass to get there.  If I was going to be home,  I would SOOO drive down to see you if you had an hour or something.  Hmmm…. what are your details?  Day, layover…. it might just be worth it.  It’s only 1.5 hours from my parents.  Let’s think about this and see if it could work.

  4. 9 days woot woot!  Great doggy pics btw!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE your header up top with you and the umbrella and the poem!  LOVE IT!  btw…i love the poem below it from jane eyre…thats i feel about my hubby and I’s marriage and love!

  5. Very cute that you have added Spanish to your arsenal. You will be tri-lingual before you know it! I’m sorry to hear about the boys for Ryan’s sake but I’m excited for you. Nine more days until Starbucks & Sonic!

  6. @babybooties33 – Yes I do have a layover!  I arrive in Detroit at 1:55pm local time at the E.M. Mcnamara terminal and leave out of the same terminal at 7:42pm.  I would so love the chance to meet you!  We’ll have to see if my flight remains the same though… apparently on the 1st Delta took over NW and things are supposed to switch out soon… I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop but if I still go there I would love to meet you! 

  7. @fallensparrow – Yeah!  I’ve talked to Mark and he said we would work it out and I should try to meet up with you.    Let me know if your flight details change.  The possibility is just tintillating!!!!    I will be sure to check my e-mail thursday and friday to see if your details have changed.  OOOO!  You’ll have to recheck your luggage because DTW will be your entry into the US and it isn’t your final destination.  However, DTW has a pretty good system.  It’s all done right after the Customs check area. Anyway, I’m sure you know all of that.  I’m so excited!  I really hope this works out. 

  8. Goodness! Yoda is too cute! Sweet haircut photo.It was brrrr 49 degrees on the dog walk this morning. Of course, it’s in the 70’s by now and will be in the early 80’s by the time it hits 4  pm.Midori had 2 really good PCS’s with me and one hard one. The people in San Francisco actually threw her in her crate…once that I saw, but she was so distressed that I think it may have been multiple times. She never gets distressed. And then the plane between SF and San Antonio had morons for air crew and I think she may have gotten overheated. Poor baby. But the other 2 moves were wonderful and easy and she was calm and happy and well-cared-for.  I know United is good with pets.

  9. I’m so glad that everything worked out with the dogs, but I am sorry that Ryan has to make another trip to the airport.You’ll be in my neck of the woods for a few hours.  We live a couple hours from Detroit, and that is where my dad’s whole side of the family still live.  I hope you enjoy the inside of the airport there. 

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