Good Morning!


There are now


days left until I move home to the States.


Let me just begin this with a bit of an explanation!

Yesterday I looked out the window to find a beautiful sunny day.  I just happen to have an east facing window in my sitting room which is now empty of furniture…

I could not resist taking the opportunity to play with my camera’s settings and mess around with lighting and exposure.

Please excuse the vanity but I have no one else to take pictures of during the day except myself!

(Although I really love how they turned out if I don’t say so myself!)

Okay so here we go…

I have a love affair with parasols.  Victorian era parasols to be precise.

They capture my imagination and transport me to long ago times.  I was lucky enough to acquire a beautiful specimen on ebay last year for about 15 dollars. 


 I was looking at it yesterday morning, thinking that it would be worth it to take it home in my suitcase.  I was thinking how much I would love to photograph my little niece holding it…  I could just imagine her little hands on the feral…  And of course, once the idea of a shoot with a red parasol took root, I just HAD to try it!


 So I got out my tripod, my lenses, and my remote and went to town! For once in my two years here I LOVE the fact that I have peach walls.  They make a great backdrop!


I love the contrast… Oh I can not wait to be back in the desert where natural light is not a rare occurrence!


 Hurrah for a great editing software!  I really enjoy this wash effect…


 This was my favorite shot and it was a complete accident.  I was holding the remote in my right hand up inside the umbrella and was talking to the dogs because they were kind of skittish about it being up in the air that way (they have a deep seated mistrust of umbrellas!) and my remote trigger bumped against the feral!  Voila!  Rockin’ shot that makes me look exotic and mysterious!  *SNORT*


Hope you enjoyed today’s lesson on the evils of vanity.  Ha!!!

 I’m off to enjoy the sun that is shining once more today! 

See you tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Eleven…

  1. You are too funny!!! I LOVE all of these pictures šŸ™‚ You are gorgeous & the red parasol in contrast with the walls is beautiful. I bet your niece will look adorable in the pics you take of her!! I had to laugh at your dogs being skittish around the parasol, what did umbrellas ever do to them??

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