Today we begin the last leg of my countdown. 

I shall call it,

“Twelve Days ’til Phoenix!” 

(Really, I started with yesterday’s entry but calling it ’13 days ’til Phoenix’ didn’t have the same original ring to it! *SNORT* )

Why am I doing this?  Well, I’m feeling a little guilty for flooding your in-box with little pictures of numbers.

But not guilty enough to stop doing it!  🙂

So to compensate I’ve decided to make them a little more fun.

I promise to write something interesting to accompany every days’ count.  It may be a fact, something about me, a random tidbit that pops into my head, something I’ll miss about Germany or (like today’s entry) something I’m looking forward too when I’m back in the states!

So, here we go!

There are now


days left until I move home to the States.


One of my very favorite fast food restaurants is Sonic. (And yes, they have them in Del Rio!  I checked)

Every time I’ve gone home to Phoenix to visit the first thing I want (after Starbucks of course) is a Route 44 Peach Ice Tea.

I particularly love the little crushed ice.

Weird? Maybe, but remember…

I have lived in Europe for three years.  They don’t use ice.  EVER.  AT ALL.

Finding this out when I got here was absolute culture shock!  Remember that I’m from a desert!  NO ICE? NO WAY!

Well, here I am three years later and I have discovered something very disturbing about myself.

I am now Ice Retarded.

I can not drink out of a glass with normal ice in it without slopping it all down my front.  I try, I really do!  If I can unlearn how to drink with ice in three years then I should be able to relearn how to drink with ice in no time.


Apparently sometime in the last three years I’ve passed the Old Dog age line and can no longer learn new tricks.

So Sonic, with it’s lovely little crushed ice is my friend!

Ahhhh, excuse me while I go off to daydream about my Route 44 Peach Ice Tea…

Until tomorrow!



13 thoughts on “Twelve…

  1. BWWWWAAAHHHH!  This is so funny.  Now… to be fair, if the stars are aligned JUST RIGHT sometimes you can get them (funny Germans) to put some ice into your Coke.  Albeit after a weird stare like you’re from another planet.  And, becuase the Germans are just funny that way …. you get 3 little cubes.  No more.  No less.  I think it’s fun you’re adding these little tidbits of info.  But honestly, I look forward to your numbers!  I am always interested to see what the picture will look like!

  2. ice retarded. baaawaaaahhhaaaaaaa. That’s funny. I’ve ALWAYS been ice retarded and don’t drink iced drinks unless I have a straw. I didn’t know there was a name for my problem. HahahahaLove you

  3. I suffer from the same ailment!! That’s why I ALWAYS use a straw. Sonic ice is the best. When I was pregnant with Nora (I crave ice when pregnant for some reason) I would go and just order a big cup of ice and eat it straight up! Mmmm… Ocean Water… that is good stuff. We just got our first Sonic in SoCal a few months ago, and if you believe it, we still haven’t eaten there!! Something about kids with food in the car.

  4. That umbrella picture of you is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.I, too, am an ice moron. My mom it Dutch and she never put ice in our drinks. I lived in England from age 6-9 and they don’t use ice either. I don’t like my drinks that cold or watered down by ice. And when people give me ice without a straw, I spill it all down my front. So I either ask for no ice or for a straw. I really had to laugh that we have that in common.There are 2 Sonics in Del Rio. And there are at least 3 between here and San Antonio. Steve can’t go on a road trip without hitting Sonic. He gets a Route 44 Strawberry Limeade. That’s my favorite, but I’m cutting back on sugar do I get the diet Cherry Limeade. I’d never heard of Sonic until I visited my brother in 2005 and his family in St. Louis took us to a resort town in the mountains. Now, it’s totally normal to see them everywhere.

  5. Too funny!  My dad would probably die without ice.  Lol.  My grandma would love it though.  She hates ice in her drinks.I’ve never been to a Sonic.  Sad, but true.  And I’ve only been to Starbucks once.  I’m deprived.  Lol.

  6. Omg! I can’t believe Leannenannette has never been to sonic! I love their ice too! It’s great! I loved their chicken strips too until I was on ww’s last year and found out that a chicken basket was 21 points! lol I love your new pics!! So great!

  7. @BigToePeople – LOL you have no idea how happy this makes me!  Five Sonics in a two hour drive… as if you really need more than 1!  If you ever come over for afternoon tea in the summer and I decide to make it iced… I’ll be sure to give you a straw!

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