I have two equally important things to share with you today.


There are now


days left until I move home to the States.


Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream should be it’s very own food group…

I believe the word is AMBROSIA!

In ancient Greek Mythology, ambrosia is the food of the gods, often depicted as conferring ageless immortality upon whoever consumes it.  It was brought to the gods in Olympus by doves (Odyssey xii. 62), so may have been thought of in the Homeric tradition as a kind of diving exhalation of the Earth.” ~Wikipedia~

Yep, that’s B&J’s Peanut butter cup… the ice cream of immortality!  I’m claiming it!!!



4 thoughts on “Thirteen…

  1. Lol.  My dad is a manager at Good Humor-Breyer’s Ice cream.  They own Ben and Jerry’s so we get it all the time.  But I haven’t had their PB Cup.  I’ll have to request that one next time.

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