Thomas Nelson Book Review

Kiss by Ted Dekker

I must admit that when I ordered this book I could barely sit still in anticipation. The teasers for it caught my attention completely and I couldn’t wait to delve into the story.

Kiss is the story of a young woman named Shauna who has lost six crucial months of her memory. As she comes to realize that she can trust no one in her life and that every circumstance may prove false she feels more and more the desperate need to fill in the gap the missing six months has made in her life.

As interesting as the story was it failed to capture me. I struggled to get through the first 50 pages and even put the book down for a time. Once I made it past that first hurtle, however, the story got going and sucked me right in. It was compelling, interesting, and absorbing.

However, there were elements of the story that felt as though they didn’t belong there, though I had no strong objection to them. I just never felt like the story meshed. I also felt as if the entire book was leading up to a big finish that would surprise and delight me… In truth, I felt the ending fell a little flat.

All in all the book was a good read. Although it does not make my list of books to read again I would recommend it to those looking for a good wholesome mystery to pass the hours…

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4 thoughts on “Thomas Nelson Book Review

  1. the last few Dekker books have bored me to tears. Very weird, since I used to love him. They seem all the same these days. :(Loved the pics on your other page.   I’m commenting them here, because that page took too long to try to load to comment. love you

  2. Have you ever read “The Time Travelers Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger ?  Really good book.  Very unique story, twists and turns and all sorts of lovelies.  I recommended it to my sister once, she took it… it sat on a shelf for awhile … and then she finally read it.  I believe she now owns a copy for herself. 

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