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This past week spring has truly moved into The Land of Fairy tales… It started one morning not too many days back…

I looked over to see the boys sunbathing in the sitting room… 


 Enjoying the warmth and soaking up the ray’s we’ve missed for so long here!


 I found myself sitting near the window as well…


 As I gazed out the window I realized that, cold or not, it was a beautiful day that I could NOT let go to waste…


So I put on a windbreaker, a pair of tennis shoes, slung my camera about my neck, and set out to capture the day.

Almost the moment I set out I had cause to switch my lenses to a zoom as quickly as possible!  How awesome are these pictures?


 I love living near an AFB and the C-17 is one of the loudest planes!


After I watched planes land for a while I went back to enjoying my walk and the beautiful sun… I quickly realized that I was not the only one!


 Everywhere I looked there were signs of life…


 Here in Germany it is a common practice to tie your dog on the front stoop to soak up some sun.  We don’t’ really have fenced yards here so you always want to allow your buddy some good outdoor time!  Doesn’t this little guy look like he’s in heaven?


And don’t these guys look happy to be out of the barn?


 I broke out of town into the fields to see miles of green and blue…


 All the crops are in and sprouted…  Lovely…




 The village center is suddenly crowded with all the farm equipment…


 Everywhere you look a freshly washed tractor is out in the sun getting ready to go to work!  (This one is parked up against the parsonage in our village!)


 In every corner doors and windows are thrown open to the spring breezes…


 I walked down to the village church to enjoy the gardens… 


 Beautiful day!


I love this time of year…


There is just something about the awakening…


I decided to take a walk through the cemetery…


The village people take such good care of it… they plant flowers here instead of leaving cut ones…


 It’s always full of quiet beauty.  


 Small signs of life…


 And the colors of spring…


 and summer…


 Everywhere you look something new is growing…


Quiet reminders…


 Birdhouses waiting to be home for a young family!


 Colors everywhere! 


 And still the little snow angels dance in my yard…


 I’m glad I was here for the stirrings of spring… I was so afraid that the long dark of winter would be my last memory of Germany.


I’m honored to have these as my final glimpses of The Land of Fairy Tales… 





16 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. How beautiful!  Spring is my absolute favorite season!  It’s so happy and fresh and new….and everywhere you go there is proof of God’s existence.  I think He had a lot of fun creating spring and all of the unique, colorful flowers.

  2. You take lovely pictures. I enjoy your outlook on life and your ability to stop and enjoy the little things. I looked at some of your past posts as my husband and I are wanting to be stationed in Germany after this deployment and you do a great job at capturing the splendor of the country.I hope you have a wonderful day!Smiles…

  3. I love all the pictures!I told my husband I wanted to live in Germany because “my friend on xanga lives there and always has the coolest pictures and stories”. lol.

  4. C-17’s are the COOLEST planes ever!!! (Can you tell that’s what Dave flies? I might be a wee bit biased…)I can’t wait until you guys are in Del Rio, and we are in NM so we can plan a girls weekend. It will be awesome! ;)Hugs!!!-Michelle

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