Babies blankets and sunshine!

Good morning!

Wow, this week has, quite frankly, gotten away from me!

Life is coming down to the wire for me.  I have only 22 days left in Germany.  22 days is going to speed by on wings!  In other words, I leave three weeks from tomorrow.  That means that Ryan and I have only two weekends left together!

I have been busy crocheting…  There are four babies in my family circle due by the end of the summer… in fact one of them was born last night!  My cousin and his wife had their second daughter, Caylie Taylor last night!  I can’t wait to meet her!!!

Then my cousin Kallie and her husband are expecting their second child, this one a little boy, in the next few weeks. 

Then my baby sister Becky is due with her second baby in August… We just found out two days ago that this baby is a boy!

And last but certainly not least, my sister, Charly and her husband Zach (Ryan’s younger brother) are having their first baby in October. 

When you add in how insanely busy we are going to be with the move and getting settled I figured the more I had done BEFORE I left Germany the better… so I’ve been busy!

In other news…  I’ve been talking back and forth with my mom and dad… Making plans for my time in Phoenix.  We’ll be having a garage sale, painting, helping both of my sisters set up their nurseries, ect.  Then we will be taking a trip to Del Rio, TX soon after I arrive so that we can scope out the town and look for houses.  I’m excited to get a look at my new home town! 

Spring is in full swing here in The Land of Fairy Tales!  All week long it’s been cool but sunny and bright!  It’s the kind of sun that actually warms your skin!  LOVELY!!!

Well… I’m off to keep working on a blanket I’m doing for a wedding gift… (Did I mention I have about five adult sized blankets on my docket too!? Aiy yi yi!!!)

Sorry for the extremely boring entry.  Hopefully I’ll have some more pictures to share next week!

Have a lovely day!




8 thoughts on “Babies blankets and sunshine!

  1. 22 days?!  WOW!  That is going to go by so fast.  I do hope in the midst of all your business you and Ryan can enjoy some time together on the weekends.  Take in a few last moments in Germany together.How fun to go to your new town, look around, and see what is what.    I will continue to pray you move home goes smoothly and your time away from Ryan goes by quickly.

  2. I was wondering if you would be allowed to crochet on the airplane ride home? Would they allow the hooks? Hmmm….   You always are so busy!! It’s funny that over the next month you and I both will have ALOT of major changes in our lives. Good luck with all that you need to get done.Love you!

  3. Wow!  Not too long now!  Have fun scouting out the new town.  I can’t wait for you to meet Kris.  :)Whew, that is a lot of babies!  Congrats to all of the family members!

  4. Good to hear how you’re doing. Wait till you get to Del Rio…it’s the land of the procreating fools! It seems like everyone on base thinks this is the time to have babies (not true for student pilots who think they’ll be able to participate in their family much) and the town is rampant with pregnant teenagers. Brace yourself. We’ve been here since 2006 and I have friends who have cycled through 2 pregnancies since I’ve been here.Spring is here! Things are in bloom. It’s kind of warm enough to wear a t-shirt on my pre-dawn dog walks.

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