La Cucaracha

Why is my title about the cockroach?

Because there aren’t any here in Germany.  Not that I’ve seen anyway.  I never thought I would miss having roaches in my house! 

I’m sure you have a disgusted look on your face at the moment and are wondering how it’s possible that you actually read that…


It’s because the cockroach, in all it’s millions of years on this planet Earth, has survived everything from the end of the dinosaurs to nuclear winter…

It can not, however, survive a German winter!

Bring on the 115 degree, 85% humidity, Texan summers… and cockroaches that could eat my dog!

La cucaracha here I come!!!!


In slight insanity,


P.S.  Ask me if I still feel this way next summer when I’m rescuing my dog from one of these beasts with a flame thrower… and losing!



8 thoughts on “La Cucaracha

  1. YUCK!!! We never had cockroaches growing up, but my dorm room somehow developed them in college. It was THE WORST!!! Ugh, I will never forget living in fear of one being on me while I slept. I will never EVER desire to live with them again. Praise the Lord that Nick & I have never had them either.

  2. I highly, highly recommend exterminators here in TX. We get a monthly spray. The first visit cost about $75 and every visit after that costs about $54. It’s soooooo worth it around here because we have brown recluse spiders, mouse-sized cockroaches, tons of random spiders, and scorpions. The same company also helped me with a brief mouse problem we had for a while there, and they also helped my girlfriend who lived out by the lake and periodically had rattlesnakes come into the house (and she had 2 mini daschunds and a husband who couldn’t come home to rescue her). They charged her per snake visit, but she said it was worth every penny. I’ve met 2 of the exterminator guys and they were both sweet, great with our dogs, and there was none of that creepy feeling you get from some service people. I’ll give you their number when you arrive here. Since I’ve hired them, I’ve seen about 3 cockroaches, and none in the house. They spray the outside perimeter and the inside and it’s all dog-safe.

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