Sick as a dog… speaking of dogs…

Good morning all!

It’s noon and I’m sitting here in my pjs… I feel absolutely horrible today! 

Yesterday morning I woke up with a bit of a headache… it got worse and worse all day long until I suddenly got a sore throat, and when I say suddenly I mean it!  It all went downhill from there… 

Then to top it all off Ryan and I were sitting there eating a super healthy (yeah right) meal of German McDonalds because I REALLY didn’t want to cook and from the time I started eating until I finished I developed a full blown cold sore smack dab in the middle of my bottom lip.  I feel assaulted!!!  Luckily I have meds and a day to chill out.

Well, not exactly a day… I have company for dinner tonight… I’ll just put off getting ready until the last possible moment! 🙂


In other news… the week went well.  We got a lot done though the house doesn’t look a bit different.  We ended up having to postpone moving the furniture we are selling and so don’t have any room to put packed boxes where they won’t be damaged when we move furniture… So we were forced to do nothing but the things that don’t make a visible difference…

We filed all our paperwork and caught up the bills ect.
We sorted and cleaned out the closets
Figured out what would be sold/donated/recycled
Took a load for donation

In short we finished all the scary jobs that make packing take so much longer because you aren’t expecting them… so now when we have a few hours on a weekend we will be able to make a very REAL difference. 

It’s not exactly what we had planned but it works.


We also had time for a few walks with the boys this week.  Most of the week has been cold and VERY rainy but there were a few afternoons when the elusive sun peeked through and we all got out!

They boys were so happy!


 They do love walks! 


 This week was also a fun time… Yoda reached his critical hair cut stage.  I usually let his hair grow out all winter because he gets so cold as he gets older.  He actually begs for his sweaters it is so bad.  This year I’m letting it go a bit longer than I usually would because I would like to cut his hair a few days before we leave for the states so he’s REALLY shaggy.

We’re calling it the Yo-Hawk…  What do you think?


 Well, that’s about it for me today.  I’m off to sip some soda, take my meds, eat my lunch and contemplate getting up and getting ready for my day.





12 thoughts on “Sick as a dog… speaking of dogs…

  1. So sorry you are feeling yucky!Hey… do you get cold sores often?  I do.  There is a little gadget you can get at the Apoteke there… “electronicher lippenstiff”.  It looks like a silver tube of lipstick.  But, it has this little metal dot on the top.  You push the button and it heats up.  You put it on your lip where you feel the ‘tingle’ … and then push the botton.  It does sting for a moment, I will warn you .. but it WORKS!.  If I caught it soon enough, the cold sore just never broke throuhg.  Otherwise it was MUCH smaller and would go away faster.  I have TWO.  I make sure I have one with me at all times.  (seriously, I’m like a walking herpe virus)  If I remember right, it was bout 30 Euros.  Takes one of those small CR2 batteries.  Glad you got so much done!  I hate packing.  It’s not fun.

  2. I’m glad you were able to accomplish some stuff last week, even though it wasn’t all you wanted to do!  And it looks like the walks were fun.Sorry you are sick!  Get better!

  3. Cute dog pics!Some friends of ours stayed with us during thier packout. They left yesterday. They’re renting out their house…let me know if you decide to rent vs. buy and I would be glad to connect you.

  4. @BigToePeople – Actually we have decided to rent for the first year.  We want to get to know the town and see where Ryan’s career is going before we make the leap to buying since we already own a house in Phoenix and don’t want to get in over our heads!  Our main worry about renting is finding someone willing to have renters with not only pets but a BIG DOG!  So if your friend is willing I would love to know more about the house and the rent.  (I should tell you up front that our BAH is only $1009 so our max is about $1200 a month.)  Other than that we need to have a garage because Ryan has a motorcycle and we of course need a yard… all else is flexible.  I’ll also be making a trip to Del Rio with my mom and dad in late April to scout out the town… Okay enough said!  Thank you for thinking of us!!!!

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