The Beginning of the END!

Today is the last day of the inspection on the base… we won’t know how we did until Monday but hopes are high that it went better than expected!  YAY!!!  It is also Ryan’s last day of work before his time off to start packing the house.  Tonight we’re going to relax and watch a movie and then tomorrow morning we’re going to hit it hard… We have one week to get this house into the “about to move out” stage. 


  • Drawers emptied, sorted and packed
  • Pictures off of the wall
  • Nicknacks packed
  • Paperwork sorted and filed
  • Lists made of what needs to go in suitcases
  • 220 stuff sorted into what will be sold/donated
  • All unnecessary stuff that we are donating… donated!
  • Pictures and lists of all our possessions
  • My plants donated to the office ladies
  • Boxes of things I’ll need back in PHX packed and shipped off to my Mom


Needles to say it’s going to be a very busy week!  We are so excited to begin the process!!!  After this week of packing is over I’ll have just over a month left in Germany and that’s going to fly by!

So all that to say that I probably won’t be around this next week.  I had intended to write more frequently this week… but things got in the way…  I don’t have much time today at all!  I’ll have a nice big post with pictures after this week is over!  I’ll try to keep up with everything so I don’t miss anything big. 

Take care…



15 thoughts on “The Beginning of the END!

  1. @babybooties33 – We’re doing it so early because it’s the only time that Ryan could get off and we have SO MUCH to do in the last few weeks that I’m here that we didn’t know if we could get it done later.  I have to have him here becasue there is A LOT to go through that only he knows what to do with.   Also there is talk that Ryan might be able to move out of this house almost right after I’m gone and have all of our stuff picked up early.  If that happens it will save us a ton of money and our things will arrive at our new base weeks earlier than we had hoped.  So having the majority of the small things packed will allow him to do that… and there is also the matter of not leaving insane amounts of work for Ryan to see to when I’m gone when he’ll already still have a full time job…  Really it all comes down to this being the week he could get leave!

  2. @fallensparrow – Ahh…that makes sense.  Well, I hope you guys can get everything done you want to get done this week!  I’ll be praying that Ryan is able to leave early!!!  That would be GREAT!  Save you money plus you wouldn’t be apart as long!!    yeah!

  3. Oh… and just an FYI … I saw the ENT yesterday.  I have to have sinus surgery.  I was hoping to avoid this.  I went down this road 18 years ago and it was NOT pleasant.  BUT, the Dr. said what he is doing this time is about 1/4 of what the other Dr. did 18 years ago, the procedures are a bit different, and he really doesn’t think we will have a repeat.  It’s on March 12th.  Prayers appreciated. 

  4. @babybooties33 – Whoops!  Sorry to mislead you.  Ryan wouldn’t be leaving Germany early just moving out of the house.  We only have a month by month lease and it’s possible that he can move to a government facility that allows him to pay by month and still collect all of our off base money and that would get our stuff out of here early.  It will be significanly cheaper and easier for him.  He’ll have to stay just as long but he’ll have less to do in the last ten days.  It will make everything easier and we’ll save some moneyI’m so sorry that you have to have surgery.  I was hoping that you wouldn’t.  I’ll be praying that the recovery is much faster, that it’s less aweful than you remember and that it fixes all of this for GOOD! 

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