Busy Waiting…

Good morning!

I have racked my brains all day for something to say that would be interesting… for a story to tell… for a tidbit to share… and I’ve come up completely blank.

The days and weeks seem to be crawling by and at the same time I’m not sure where the time has gone… 

Ryan has been in preparation for a base wide inspection for the past month and the last week had them all at the office for long days… Because we only have one car here that kept me housebound and since the daylight hours are short and the opening hours for all businesses are almost as short that means that we haven’t really been anywhere in a month other than our bowling adventure!

We also went bowling again this past Friday with the whole office as a kind of relaxation for everyone before the inspection and we had a great time… The end is almost in sight!  The big inspection began today and goes through the end of the week… Once this week is over our lives are going to shift into high speed!

Ryan has one week off starting on Saturday.  We are taking some of our precious leave to pack the house up and sort the things we need to sell… to set aside what I need to take home… to write down what he’ll need to bring with him when he joins us in July… to write down all the things that need to be done and when so that Ryan is not surprised by anything in those last few insanely busy weeks…

Ryan will return to work on the 9th of March and then from there I’ll have a little more than a month until I board a plane and take my last hop across the puddle.

I have my tickets finally!  I’m out of here on the 11th of April bound for Phoenix!

That’s pretty much my news for the day… 

I’m off to prep dinner and finish up the laundry so that Ryan can just sit back, have a huge plate of lasagna, and relax after this mad day he’s enduring!



6 thoughts on “Busy Waiting…

  1. Wow.  Your time is really coming to an end.  It will go by so fast!!!  Before you know it you’ll be looking at your final week, doing all those last minute things and waiting for things to be packed into a container and sent home.  It’s very surreal.  One minute you’re living in a foreign country… the next you’re back home and suddenly you once again feel like a fish out of water.  Everything is familiar…. yet, you’ve gotten so used to ‘things abroad’ … that it all seems strange again.  Coming home can be almost as difficult as going over!  Strange…but true.  Quite honestly, I found all the choices at the grocery store both wonderful and overwhelming!  It took me a couple of months to ‘snap’ out of it and re-learn how to shop and cook and what not.  Very strange.  I hope you both are able to enjoy some last moments over there before you come home.  Some last memories so to speak.  They will be important.

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