Let the Good Times Roll.

Guten Tag!

I know it’s overdue but today I’m going to tell you about our Valentine’s Day!

We woke up early, putzed around the house, and then got ready to go.  Ryan took me to lunch on the base.  We went to Papa Joe’s Grill in the bowling alley…


 It is ALWAYS good to get an old fashioned American cheeseburger… and RARE!


 After we stuffed ourselves…  Ryan revealed the plans he had for our day!  He took me bowling!!! 



Now I have to tell you that I haven’t been bowling in more than 10 years…  It was… er… obvious.  GUTTERBALL!  (Do you love my day glow shoes?)


 It’s been a while since Ryan has been too… (Over a year) but he’s still better than me!


It seems like such a silly thing to do for a big date… but I’ll be honest… We had a WONDERFUL time!




We bowled the first game quickly… playing around with the camera and getting used to the game…  The final score was proof!


Then the second game we were a bit more warmed up and a bit more into the game…




Ryan got a strike…


 And then I DID!!! 


Our scores for that game were much better!  I got three strikes that game! 



 Then we played a third game just because we weren’t ready to be done with our date yet… 


 But we were getting tired and we really started goofing off…


 Yeah… we sucked!  😀 


 Ryan was very disappointed in his score…


And I had a bad case of bowling elbow… or as Ryan and I have now dubbed it…



 When we left the bowling alley the sun had broken through the clouds making the day bright and blue… and colder!

So we headed off to our base coffee shop for a rare treat!  (It’s not the same as Starbucks but it takes the edge off on a cold day!) 


 Of course Ryan is never cold so here we are in 23 degrees with a light wind and Ryan is drinking an ice drink!


 I was much more satisfied with my hot coffee… thank you very much…


 I tried to be serious and do a cute pose with it…


But soon the need took over!


 After we had our coffee we headed home for a nice romantic night in with dinner and a movie!

It was THE BEST Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had…

We think Bowling might be a new tradition for us!

Have a great day!



Song for the day?

Let the Good Times Roll




16 thoughts on “Let the Good Times Roll.

  1. Awww.. what a totally awesome day!! J and I love bowling.. but we haven’t been for over 2 years! I think we need to resolve that!  Thanks so much for the thoughts and prayers.. I appreciate them tons. *hug* Love you, friend!

  2. Sometimes the lil things make the BEST date ideas. For instance, one of the most romantic dates I’ve been on with the hubby were the ones that didn’t cost anything or cost barely nothing….like hiking to a waterfall or picking apples…..so as you said “LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL”. *hugs*

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