Good morning!

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write again.  The past week has been extremely busy.  There have been a thousand things to do now that our orders are in and it’s kept both Ryan and I occupied…

Now that’s it’s been a few days, I’ve had some time to process all that this week has brought to the table.

I first would like to say, please don’t think that Ryan and I are unhappy with our orders… I think shock would be a more appropriate word.  You see… until our list came out last month, I’d never even heard of Laughlin AFB, oh, Ryan had, but he didn’t even know where it was because it’s so small.  We had to actually look it up on Mapquest. 

For three years the Air Force has been telling us that Ryan’s job would be consolidated into a handful of bases in large cities throughout the U.S.  This means that the three bases that ended up on our list were all completely unexpected!

We were geared up to be sent to another big city that we would struggle to fit into after living in this little farming community…  We had already begun talking about all the good things that a big city has to offer to gear ourselves up for the change… you know… things like;  24hr gas stations, Super Target/Walmart, shopping, fast food, Starbucks… normal city stuff… 

Then when our orders came in on Monday they were for Del Rio, TX!  Del Rio, Tx is the proud home of 35 thousand people, a Super Walmart, and NO STARBUCKS!  πŸ™‚

It’s a training base for new pilots and due to that there are a high concentration of officers stationed there.  This means that the base itself is extremely nice and offers a wide range of amenities.  Even though Ryan isn’t an officer we still get to reap the benifits!  πŸ™‚ We’re actually really excited!

For those of you that have asked, Del Rio is about 12 and a half hours by car to our hometown of Phoenix, AZ.


We’re excited about that.  It’s going to make going home often to visit family a real possibility!

For those of your who are curious about the town that Ryan and I will now be calling home you can check it out here.

And sadly enough that’s all I’ve got!  I feel kind of like I’m living in a surreal out of time zone!  There is so much to do to get ready for what the next few months will bring.  I’m honestly drawing a blank on what to say about all of it…  We’ve been waiting for so long to hear where we would be going next that to suddenly know is… surreal!  It’s going to take some time to get used to it!

Auf Wiedersehen!




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  1. Wow.  I can imagine how you would feel like you’re walking around in a daze.  From information you plan on one thing… and then something else entirely comes through!  So weird.Well, I’m glad that there are some nice things there and lots of ammenities for the officers.    I will continue to pray that you and Ryan will be able to settle in and feel at home there.  I see Austin is not that far from where you will be.  I can tell you from experience Austin is a beautiful city to visit.  I was there on a business trip once and really enjoyed it.  Very nice atmosphere.

  2. RYC:  Patience is not a virtue of mine either.  This whole process has been sooooo very hard.  We are STILL waiting for these interviews to be scheduled.  AUGH!!! With each passing day my heart sinks further.  We are nearing the time where we no longer will have any money of our own to sustain ourselves and will have to approach our family for assistance to get us through.  That is a very tough pill to swallow….  Trying to keep looking up.  My head knows God will provide…. my heart is scared silly.

  3. 35,000 people is a lot!  Huge in fact!  People won’t even consider our town of 15,000 to be small-town.  So I’m impressed by 35,000!That’s great that you are so close to your family now!  I’m really excited for you guys!  Good luck getting everything packed up and ready to go!

  4. 35,000 is more than we have in my small town!  And we don’t have a Wal*Mart OR a Starbucks.  We drive 35-40 minutes to those stores.I checked out the website you posted, and it’s not bad!  The downtown area would be where I would check out first.  I love nice downtown areas with cute little shops.  Hopefully there will be a nice coffeeshop for you!

  5. You seem to be taking it with a stride. Im sure you guys will do just fine. And the ammenities because its an officer base, doesnt seem to be all that bad. And your not to far from San Antonio, if you need to experience a larger town from time to time. Are you guys already planning on spending Thanksgiving or Christmas back in AZ? I know we are majorly excited for our orders to get in. But I know with the military you can never be excited about anything because they love snatching it away from you! LOL

  6. Courtney I have a friend here on xanga who lives there (he hubby is a pilot). Her name on xanga is BigToePeople and she is a wonderful person. I know she would be a wealth of knowledge for you on the place you are going! I hope this move is smooth and easy and that you have make only great memories in Texas!!! I know it will be a big change for you, but I hope its an easy one!!! 

  7. Hi Courtney! Candy (firefighterswife) just sent me a message…looks like we’re going to be neighbors! My husband is stationed at Laughlin. We live off base in Del Rio. He’s an instructor pilot and is about to change jobs from IG to doing something at the squadron. I’m an AF brat, but my dad wasn’t a pilot so this is all rather new to me. The AF isn’t, and travel orders aren’t new to me either. I was working as a DoDDS teacher in Okinawa when I met my husband in 2004. He proposed on his way out of Kadena in the fall of 2005, and I stayed there to finish the ’05-’06 school year. We married late in the summer of 2006 and I’ve lived in Del Rio since. We extended for a year so we’ll be here until 2010.I imagine it will be hard to go from Germany which is so exciting and has culture to our dinky little town with the teeny little base. But the good thing is that the friends made here are lifelong friends…it’s people who are the entertainment because Del Rio gets “old” after about a year and you’ve done everything once or twice. For that first year, you can enjoy a couple of interesting state parks, a local winery and a local museum. We also have a couple of really great restaurants in addition to the Applebees and Chile’s. There IS good to be found here, like the guys all love their jobs, there’s no traffic to speak of, Texas is uber-friendly, and San Antonio and Austin are awesome cities within weekend-trip distance. And Amistad Lake is great…when the weather is warmer, we take our dogs swimming after church every Sunday.Candy says you’re a dog person…this is a great place to be. Most “dog people” I know here have fostered at least one dog through Friends of Del Rio. I fostered one in 2007 (she now has a permanent home) and I’m helping some neighbors foster a dog right now…her owner will get her at the end of this month. Please feel free to visit my blog site or message me with any questions you like!Oh, and I just found out that Danielle’s, the local ice cream parlor, has good coffee! I had no idea until this weekend.

  8. PS – The gym on base is AWESOME (my husband says it’s better than the one on Randolph AFB) and the commissary is surprizingly decent for how small it is. And they have a whole section of German products in case you’re missing Germany

  9. DelRio sounds a lot like the town I live in…just a few more people there than here.  πŸ™‚  It took me a while to adjust to the no Starbucks thing, but the next city over (about 30 miles north) where we do shopping and eating out has one, so it just makes it a special trip.  πŸ™‚  I’m sure you’ll adjust in no time. 

  10. @leannenannette – @BrieanneVanessa –  Oh it’s true that 35,000 isn’t small… After all we live in a village here that has a total of less than 5000 in the whole area… (3000) in the actual town…  so it’s big compared to our last three years… But remember we’re from Phoenix, AZ.  The poputation of the Phoenix metro area is 1.5 million and the city we lived in (Glendale) houses the Cardinals football statium which seats over twice the population of our new small town and is regularly full!  It’s going to be quite an adjustment for us…This three years were kind of like an exile for us… it’s just been in our minds that going back to the States was the same as moving back to the city…  This isn’t a bad thing just a major mental adjustment!!!!  MAJOR!  LOL

  11. @kcornchips – We are actually really excited… The ammenities look awesome!  We are planning to go home for Christmas but like you said… we’re not PLANNING on it until much later this year… LOL  You are right… You can’t ever count on anything!

  12. @firefighterswife – Candy thank you so much for sending her my way!  It’s such a relief to hear from someone who lives there and just have another WOMAN who can answer questions that the Air Force never seems to think matter…  Like what are good neighborhoods to live in?… where can I get the best procuce?… where can I find the very best chocolate ice cream?  You know the IMPORTANT questions!  LOL  Thank you….

  13. @fallensparrow – I know that she will be a great help! When I heard this was the place you were being sent I knew just the person to give you the scoop on things! She is a great person, and I am certain you will become great friends!!! Give her a hug from me when you see her!

  14. I’m sure it will take some getting used to…but I know you’re glad to be coming back to the States!  At least they have a super Wal-Mart!  You can get just about anything there.  I’m going to map quest to see how far Del Rio is from Little Rock.  I don’t think it’s close, but it’d be cool to meet you in person some day!!!

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