“I do… Wait how do I sign that again?”

Last night as I was brushing my teeth before bed and long forgotten memory popped up unexpectedly… and since I have nothing new today I thought I’d share a little moment of my past with you.

As I was standing there in my overlarge men’s flannel pajamas brushing my teeth this memory blindsided me and had me giggling through my toothpaste. Ryan thought I was nuts… until I explained and then he laughed right alongside me.

Ryan and I have known each other all of our lives. We grew up with each other, we competed for the same chocolate bars during Sunday school and scampered over the same woods together at camp when we were kids…

cuttiepie cm7

We know almost everything about each other… and the things we don’t know yet are simply things long forgotten that we haven’t remembered to share with each other yet… One day when we’re old and gray we’ll lapse into silence in shock that all is told… look at each other sideways and share a chuckle before we begin telling our stories all over again and reliving the memories we share…

So with all that said would it surprise you that I had never seen his name in print? Think about it… If you had grown up with someone would you have any cause to see their name written? Really?

I was 18 in this memory… Young and in love with this childhood sweetheart of mine… We were engaged and gearing up for a wedding that would take place in a matter of months. I could not have been happier.

One sunny spring day my mother and I went out to get invitations to the wedding. We found the perfect set and I was all for ordering them right there on the spot! But my mother, ever the think it through type convinced me to wait for a while before I ordered the all important invitations.

That was fine. I was on my way to meet Ryan and my lifelong best friend (and maid of honor) Emily, for lunch.


I figured that if I hadn’t changed my mind maybe I could convince Emily to go with me to order them after lunch.

As we sat down together in our favorite booth chatting away and enjoying each other’s easy company Emily looked up at Ryan’s hat and frowned.

I glanced at it to see what she was staring at so intently.

It was a black ball cap that Ryan wore everywhere. It had a patch on the front of it but today he was wearing it backwards. It had a word embroidered across the back… Of course I had noticed the word but I’d never given it very much thought. The moments I had thought about it I just assumed it was a word that meant something to him in Air Force speak and so I dismissed it… Apparently Emily had just noticed it and was curious…


She piped up…

“Ryan, what does your hat say?”

He shot a puzzled look at her then snatched the hat off of his head. He turned it around in his hands and stared at it opened mouthed. Then he glanced up at her with an “all-right-you’ve-got-me” look on his face and said,

“You’re joking right?”

“No.” Emily said looking a little taken aback…

Ryan grinned and said,

“Um… it’s my last name?”

Emily looked shocked and I was so thankful that Ryan was sitting beside me and therefore couldn’t see the look of chagrin and sheepishness that took over my face…

I was only months from marrying a man whose last name I didn’t know how to spell. For my whole life (and I have proof because there are journals!) I had been spelling his last name… L-O-B-B

I have never been so glad to be embarrassed in my life! Can you imagine if I’d gone compulsively ahead and ordered those invitations? The only two people who would have been there didn’t know how to spell the groom’s name! And those two were the Maid of Honor and the BRIDE!


Sheepishly Yours,

Courtney L-A-U-B-E


19 thoughts on ““I do… Wait how do I sign that again?”

  1. BWWWAHHHHH!  That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.  And, oh so true!  It’s true… when you grow up with someone, you never think about how their name is spelled! 

  2. Hahaha, oh that is too funny.  Okay, so maybe I’m strange, but I know and have always known how to spell my friends’ names because we’ve all gone to school together for so many years and see our names spelled out on papers and around the room.I’m glad you found out how to properly spell it in time!  Your mom was a lifesaver without even realizing it!

  3. HA!! That is SO funny!! And I love your image of you two as old & grey…too cute. I have to say that I DID spell a name wrong on my wedding invitations & I still feel terrible about it. My FIL’s name is Phil, but we put formal names on our invitations, so I had them spell his name as Phillip, turns out he spells his name with only ONE L. UGH!! We didn’t know that until the invitations were sent out. It was awful, praise the Lord that you found out how to spell your last name before that happened to you! haha

  4. Wow…just…wow!That’s why I asked you how to pronounce it.  My German diction classes made me instinctlively say “Lau – Ba”, but if I’d just heard it pronounced without seeing it, I would have spelled it the same way you did.  That’s really funny!

  5. First off, I love the image of and elderly you and Ryan.  I’ve told Cory numerous times (because of our injuries) that we were going to be the not so old couple sitting in our rocking chairs on the front porch.  I love that image.  I love the thought of growing old with Cory as I’m sure you do with Ryan.Secondly, that is a funny story!!  Thanks for sharing.

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