Nothing much…

Good morning,

Nothing much going on around here… what’s new?

Today Ryan is testing for Tech Sergeant.  He has studied so hard for the last year… he didn’t pass in the fall by the smallest margin… No excuses but it followed on the heels of end of year and was so out of cycle… he was so stressed and he didn’t feel good about it from the start… so we bought the official study programs and for the past three months he’s spent between 2 and 4 hours about four days a week studying and taking practice tests… He feels great about today and is even now taking the test as I write this!  The bad thing is that we won’t hear the results until mid July! 

In other news…  We get our orders in only 12 days!  Only 12 days until we know which city will be our home.  Will it be…?

Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, Texas?

Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, Texas?


Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama?

And that’s it… yep you heard me right… In the past days since I last wrote the only news that’s worth telling is that Ryan is taking a test we won’t know the results of for five months and that there are 12 more days of waiting here in our home… Boring right?

Guess I’m out of here then…


P.S.  I keep forgetting to show you my coat!  I got it this summer for 20 dollars on ebay.  It’s a vintage 1970 suede trench coat… and I’m in love!


Pretty cool huh?



18 thoughts on “Nothing much…

  1. Very cool!  I’m too short to wear longer coats and such…but I can appreciate wanting to!  :o)  You look great and moving down South will be so fun for you!  Can’t wait to see how things unfold.

  2. Very cute coat! Thanks for your comment. (I know I grumble CONSTANTLY anymore….I get tired of listening to myself! lol)  You are under alot of stress yourself. Soon you will have answers and then can start planning the next chapter in your life. Have a great day. Love you!

  3. I love the coat!  I agree with the first commenter, I’m too short to wear anything long.Only 12 more days!!!  I can’t wait to hear where you’re headed!  It sounds like Ryan is very prepared for this test.  I’m sure he’ll do fabulously.  Poor guy having to wait until July though to hear back about it!  That’s how I felt waiting for my results to AP tests, but this is a much bigger deal than AP tests!

  4. Good Luck to Ryan on his way to testing for Tech! 12 Days! for some reason I thought you guys werent finding out until the end of the month! Im sure every day it bothers you that you guys dont know where you will end up.Aaron got an email from an old supervisor from his old base in Texas and it might be in our sights to be abl to head back there. Im stressing about trying to find a job. Are you going to work when you guys go back stateside?Love the coat, I have become more and more girly since we got married. LOLI will keep praying that you guys get Texas, and dont Del Rio!!! LOL

  5. Oooooo …..I love love love your coat.  5 months to get test results?!?!?  That’s insane.  Seriously insane.   Just curious…what will Tech Sergeant do for Ryan?  Any chance it will allow him to NOT be deployed more then 1/2 a year every year?I’ve been praying you will be placed in Texas.  I will keep it up!

  6. @kcornchips – That would be cool if we both ended up in TX where we want to be!!!  I hope you guys get it!!!  Nope, I’m a confirmed house wife…  I worked until we moved here and was going to until we had kids but now Ryan has really enjoyed having me home and we can live perfectly fine on one salary.  Not to mention with three years of no work it will be hard to get a good job.  So now me not working means I am home to cook and travel to see family and just have a vacation when Ryan is home, and then I’m free to visit the family when he’s not home.  Thanks for the prayers… they are MUCH appreciated!

  7. @babybooties33 – Oh I’m with you there!  5 months is crazy!  LOL   He has to start studying to test again before he ever knows if he passed… talk about demoralizing!  Tech will give him more supervisor resposiblity… it will give us a pay raise of about 400 dollars a month… it will advance him towards the goals he REALLY wants in his career… But… no it won’t change his deployment schedule… in fact it will probably make it worse.  It’s not that way Air Force wide but his career is undermanned so having someone of higher rank that KNOWS the job makes him more desireable… it stinks for us but he loves his job and has goals so I’m not standing in the way… 

  8. @fallensparrow – Well, you know … there really is something to be said for loving your job.  So many people really don’t like their job…they just do it.  I was that person once.  Never again.  Crazy how the system works.  I’m sure all the hard work and studying is paying off and he will pass with flying colors!    And hopefully you will be a bit closer to family and friends back home so those long deployments won’t be so lonely.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could meet up sometime once you’re back here! 

  9. Ain’t NOTHIN” boring about sharing in and praying with your ANTICIPATION!  Thanx for sharing.  Thanx for the privilege of praying for you.  You have every right and reason to feel very proud of your husband.   And, Courtney, you make that coat look AWESOME!

  10. Wow and I thought I had to wait a long time for my praxis results… I find out next Tuesday if I passed. I took it a month ago.. I’m glad it doesn’t take 5 mths.. So are you for sure going to one of the three places?  Oh, I love your coat! So neat!

  11. I am sure Ryan will do well on that test- he studied so hard, he deserves it! Patience is a virture- you must be a virtuous woman! Wherever you two land you will be a blessing to all who are there. BTW: I have that coat, in a shorter lighter color, from the 70s. I believe I bought it in 1976. It is too small for me now but I cannot get rid of it. I have a small colection of vintage things that I just love. Thanks for the walk down memory lane! Emlee 

  12. Great coat! You’ll need that around here in the mornings, but not for long. Lately it’s been 40-45 degrees in the morning (though it was in the 50’s one morening) and then it quickly warms up. By 3pm, it’s in the upper 70’s.  Today it was 41 when I woke up at 6:30am, so I had to wear a jacket to work. Right now, it’s nearly time to take off my long sleeve button-down top and just wear my t-shirt. But it’s still cool enough for jeans all day long.

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