The Beginning of the END!

Today is the last day of the inspection on the base… we won’t know how we did until Monday but hopes are high that it went better than expected!  YAY!!!  It is also Ryan’s last day of work before his time off to start packing the house.  Tonight we’re going to relax and watch a movie and then tomorrow morning we’re going to hit it hard… We have one week to get this house into the “about to move out” stage. 


  • Drawers emptied, sorted and packed
  • Pictures off of the wall
  • Nicknacks packed
  • Paperwork sorted and filed
  • Lists made of what needs to go in suitcases
  • 220 stuff sorted into what will be sold/donated
  • All unnecessary stuff that we are donating… donated!
  • Pictures and lists of all our possessions
  • My plants donated to the office ladies
  • Boxes of things I’ll need back in PHX packed and shipped off to my Mom


Needles to say it’s going to be a very busy week!  We are so excited to begin the process!!!  After this week of packing is over I’ll have just over a month left in Germany and that’s going to fly by!

So all that to say that I probably won’t be around this next week.  I had intended to write more frequently this week… but things got in the way…  I don’t have much time today at all!  I’ll have a nice big post with pictures after this week is over!  I’ll try to keep up with everything so I don’t miss anything big. 

Take care…


Busy Waiting…

Good morning!

I have racked my brains all day for something to say that would be interesting… for a story to tell… for a tidbit to share… and I’ve come up completely blank.

The days and weeks seem to be crawling by and at the same time I’m not sure where the time has gone… 

Ryan has been in preparation for a base wide inspection for the past month and the last week had them all at the office for long days… Because we only have one car here that kept me housebound and since the daylight hours are short and the opening hours for all businesses are almost as short that means that we haven’t really been anywhere in a month other than our bowling adventure!

We also went bowling again this past Friday with the whole office as a kind of relaxation for everyone before the inspection and we had a great time… The end is almost in sight!  The big inspection began today and goes through the end of the week… Once this week is over our lives are going to shift into high speed!

Ryan has one week off starting on Saturday.  We are taking some of our precious leave to pack the house up and sort the things we need to sell… to set aside what I need to take home… to write down what he’ll need to bring with him when he joins us in July… to write down all the things that need to be done and when so that Ryan is not surprised by anything in those last few insanely busy weeks…

Ryan will return to work on the 9th of March and then from there I’ll have a little more than a month until I board a plane and take my last hop across the puddle.

I have my tickets finally!  I’m out of here on the 11th of April bound for Phoenix!

That’s pretty much my news for the day… 

I’m off to prep dinner and finish up the laundry so that Ryan can just sit back, have a huge plate of lasagna, and relax after this mad day he’s enduring!


Let the Good Times Roll.

Guten Tag!

I know it’s overdue but today I’m going to tell you about our Valentine’s Day!

We woke up early, putzed around the house, and then got ready to go.  Ryan took me to lunch on the base.  We went to Papa Joe’s Grill in the bowling alley…


 It is ALWAYS good to get an old fashioned American cheeseburger… and RARE!


 After we stuffed ourselves…  Ryan revealed the plans he had for our day!  He took me bowling!!! 



Now I have to tell you that I haven’t been bowling in more than 10 years…  It was… er… obvious.  GUTTERBALL!  (Do you love my day glow shoes?)


 It’s been a while since Ryan has been too… (Over a year) but he’s still better than me!


It seems like such a silly thing to do for a big date… but I’ll be honest… We had a WONDERFUL time!




We bowled the first game quickly… playing around with the camera and getting used to the game…  The final score was proof!


Then the second game we were a bit more warmed up and a bit more into the game…




Ryan got a strike…


 And then I DID!!! 


Our scores for that game were much better!  I got three strikes that game! 



 Then we played a third game just because we weren’t ready to be done with our date yet… 


 But we were getting tired and we really started goofing off…


 Yeah… we sucked!  😀 


 Ryan was very disappointed in his score…


And I had a bad case of bowling elbow… or as Ryan and I have now dubbed it…



 When we left the bowling alley the sun had broken through the clouds making the day bright and blue… and colder!

So we headed off to our base coffee shop for a rare treat!  (It’s not the same as Starbucks but it takes the edge off on a cold day!) 


 Of course Ryan is never cold so here we are in 23 degrees with a light wind and Ryan is drinking an ice drink!


 I was much more satisfied with my hot coffee… thank you very much…


 I tried to be serious and do a cute pose with it…


But soon the need took over!


 After we had our coffee we headed home for a nice romantic night in with dinner and a movie!

It was THE BEST Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had…

We think Bowling might be a new tradition for us!

Have a great day!



Song for the day?

Let the Good Times Roll



Good morning!

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write again.  The past week has been extremely busy.  There have been a thousand things to do now that our orders are in and it’s kept both Ryan and I occupied…

Now that’s it’s been a few days, I’ve had some time to process all that this week has brought to the table.

I first would like to say, please don’t think that Ryan and I are unhappy with our orders… I think shock would be a more appropriate word.  You see… until our list came out last month, I’d never even heard of Laughlin AFB, oh, Ryan had, but he didn’t even know where it was because it’s so small.  We had to actually look it up on Mapquest. 

For three years the Air Force has been telling us that Ryan’s job would be consolidated into a handful of bases in large cities throughout the U.S.  This means that the three bases that ended up on our list were all completely unexpected!

We were geared up to be sent to another big city that we would struggle to fit into after living in this little farming community…  We had already begun talking about all the good things that a big city has to offer to gear ourselves up for the change… you know… things like;  24hr gas stations, Super Target/Walmart, shopping, fast food, Starbucks… normal city stuff… 

Then when our orders came in on Monday they were for Del Rio, TX!  Del Rio, Tx is the proud home of 35 thousand people, a Super Walmart, and NO STARBUCKS!  🙂

It’s a training base for new pilots and due to that there are a high concentration of officers stationed there.  This means that the base itself is extremely nice and offers a wide range of amenities.  Even though Ryan isn’t an officer we still get to reap the benifits!  🙂 We’re actually really excited!

For those of you that have asked, Del Rio is about 12 and a half hours by car to our hometown of Phoenix, AZ.


We’re excited about that.  It’s going to make going home often to visit family a real possibility!

For those of your who are curious about the town that Ryan and I will now be calling home you can check it out here.

And sadly enough that’s all I’ve got!  I feel kind of like I’m living in a surreal out of time zone!  There is so much to do to get ready for what the next few months will bring.  I’m honestly drawing a blank on what to say about all of it…  We’ve been waiting for so long to hear where we would be going next that to suddenly know is… surreal!  It’s going to take some time to get used to it!

Auf Wiedersehen!



Well, that was unexpected!


You won’t believe this!  Our orders came today… a whole week early! 

I have been toying with what to write all day long and I’m coming up completely empty… Ryan and I are in shock I think.  The swiftness and finality of hearing this news… the surreal nature of waiting around for months for a complete stranger to tell you where you WILL live the next 4 years of your life… the realization that once that word comes down THAT’S IT. 

So I have come to the conclusion that as much as I wanted our orders to hurry up and get here I don’t think I was ready for them to BE here!  🙂

I’ll have something more to say tomorrow… for now I’ll just give you the place and tell you that it may not be what we hoped for but it could have been so much worse. 

We’re excited to see what new adventures await us at…










Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas!

The middle of nowhere USA!!! 






“I do… Wait how do I sign that again?”

Last night as I was brushing my teeth before bed and long forgotten memory popped up unexpectedly… and since I have nothing new today I thought I’d share a little moment of my past with you.

As I was standing there in my overlarge men’s flannel pajamas brushing my teeth this memory blindsided me and had me giggling through my toothpaste. Ryan thought I was nuts… until I explained and then he laughed right alongside me.

Ryan and I have known each other all of our lives. We grew up with each other, we competed for the same chocolate bars during Sunday school and scampered over the same woods together at camp when we were kids…

cuttiepie cm7

We know almost everything about each other… and the things we don’t know yet are simply things long forgotten that we haven’t remembered to share with each other yet… One day when we’re old and gray we’ll lapse into silence in shock that all is told… look at each other sideways and share a chuckle before we begin telling our stories all over again and reliving the memories we share…

So with all that said would it surprise you that I had never seen his name in print? Think about it… If you had grown up with someone would you have any cause to see their name written? Really?

I was 18 in this memory… Young and in love with this childhood sweetheart of mine… We were engaged and gearing up for a wedding that would take place in a matter of months. I could not have been happier.

One sunny spring day my mother and I went out to get invitations to the wedding. We found the perfect set and I was all for ordering them right there on the spot! But my mother, ever the think it through type convinced me to wait for a while before I ordered the all important invitations.

That was fine. I was on my way to meet Ryan and my lifelong best friend (and maid of honor) Emily, for lunch.


I figured that if I hadn’t changed my mind maybe I could convince Emily to go with me to order them after lunch.

As we sat down together in our favorite booth chatting away and enjoying each other’s easy company Emily looked up at Ryan’s hat and frowned.

I glanced at it to see what she was staring at so intently.

It was a black ball cap that Ryan wore everywhere. It had a patch on the front of it but today he was wearing it backwards. It had a word embroidered across the back… Of course I had noticed the word but I’d never given it very much thought. The moments I had thought about it I just assumed it was a word that meant something to him in Air Force speak and so I dismissed it… Apparently Emily had just noticed it and was curious…


She piped up…

“Ryan, what does your hat say?”

He shot a puzzled look at her then snatched the hat off of his head. He turned it around in his hands and stared at it opened mouthed. Then he glanced up at her with an “all-right-you’ve-got-me” look on his face and said,

“You’re joking right?”

“No.” Emily said looking a little taken aback…

Ryan grinned and said,

“Um… it’s my last name?”

Emily looked shocked and I was so thankful that Ryan was sitting beside me and therefore couldn’t see the look of chagrin and sheepishness that took over my face…

I was only months from marrying a man whose last name I didn’t know how to spell. For my whole life (and I have proof because there are journals!) I had been spelling his last name… L-O-B-B

I have never been so glad to be embarrassed in my life! Can you imagine if I’d gone compulsively ahead and ordered those invitations? The only two people who would have been there didn’t know how to spell the groom’s name! And those two were the Maid of Honor and the BRIDE!


Sheepishly Yours,

Courtney L-A-U-B-E

Nothing much…

Good morning,

Nothing much going on around here… what’s new?

Today Ryan is testing for Tech Sergeant.  He has studied so hard for the last year… he didn’t pass in the fall by the smallest margin… No excuses but it followed on the heels of end of year and was so out of cycle… he was so stressed and he didn’t feel good about it from the start… so we bought the official study programs and for the past three months he’s spent between 2 and 4 hours about four days a week studying and taking practice tests… He feels great about today and is even now taking the test as I write this!  The bad thing is that we won’t hear the results until mid July! 

In other news…  We get our orders in only 12 days!  Only 12 days until we know which city will be our home.  Will it be…?

Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, Texas?

Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, Texas?


Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama?

And that’s it… yep you heard me right… In the past days since I last wrote the only news that’s worth telling is that Ryan is taking a test we won’t know the results of for five months and that there are 12 more days of waiting here in our home… Boring right?

Guess I’m out of here then…


P.S.  I keep forgetting to show you my coat!  I got it this summer for 20 dollars on ebay.  It’s a vintage 1970 suede trench coat… and I’m in love!


Pretty cool huh?