Our little old man…

Yesterday was an important day around here! 

Our Schnauzer, Yoda, turned 12 years old.  


 It’s hard to believe that 9 years ago this malnourished, shaggy, and skittish little guy stared at Ryan and I with his big teddy bear eyes through the bars of a cage.


Hard to believe that it’s been so long since he stuck his little pink tongue through the bars to lick our hands and then whined a little when we walked away to ask about him, sealing the deal for us both. 


He was our fate and we were his and the 9 years we’ve had together have been full of laughter and cuddles that I wouldn’t trade for anything! 


12 years of life have made him old and grumpy in the cutest of ways!  He’s still feisty as you could wish and in the best of health!  Our vet says she would be surprised to hear he doesn’t see the far side of 15!  In fact the only major change in this old man’s life is that he has lost almost all his teeth!  He seems to get along just fine though…


He’s a bit more gray and has a few war wounds but the teddy bear eyes haven’t aged a day and I’m thankful for every day we wake up to him blinking blearily at us from his bed and licking his little black nose, ready for another day of adventure…

Happy birthday our little old man.


Love da’ mamma!  ๐Ÿ™‚



11 thoughts on “Our little old man…

  1. Oo!  What a cute story!!  He is a cute little dog.Happy Birthday Yoda!!I am hoping we can get a dog this summer.  We were at a pet store last month and I fell IN LOVE with this little Golden Doodle… I so wished we could have taken him home right that day … and he seemed to like us too…. but alas, when there is no job getting a dog just isn’t high on the priority list.  I really miss having an animal in the house.

  2. Happy Birthday to Yoda!!!! Im sure he has brough many enjoyable times for you and Ryan.  May he live a long long life!!! I have a little pup and he celebrates his 2nd birthday here in the next week but since my husband is on his way home soon, my husband insist that I wait until he gets home to celebrate his birthday. I guess its a little childish but of course when we dont have children we focus on our animals!!

  3. yay for his birthday. awesome. i know how awesome a part of life dogs are…congrats to Yoda on his 12 years. so awesome that you guys were brought together. what a cutie he is ๐Ÿ˜‰ i love those sweaters you made for your little man :)thanks for sharing this with us Courtney.

  4. Happy Birthday Yoda! I know Im late, but its the thought that counts right?I know 12 DAYS seems like forever!!!! Im going outta my mind with excitement and I cant sit still or concentrate. I need these next 12 days ZOOOOOM by for all of us!!!Im super excited for you to find out where you will start this new adventure. I hope you get TX, cause we will be at Ft Hood by May!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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