Flea markets, drinking, and winter blues!

Good morning!

Today is a glorious day here in The Land of Fairy Tales!  It’s actually sunny!  Of course it’s too cold to go outside but I love being able to see the sun shining and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin if I sit near a window… (Just picture that… me sitting on the floor under the window trying to get a little vitamin D!)  Maybe if Ryan get’s home before dark today we’ll bundle up and take the boys for a walk!

There isn’t all that much going on around here.  I think I have a good case of the winter blues…  I’m beginning to think that humans are supposed to hibernate in harsh winter climates!   So as a result of the blues I have nothing to report beyond copious amounts of time spent reading or playing games…  Ah well…

Well know which base will be home in 20 days and then things will pick up big time! 

I’m very serious when I ask you all to pray for TEXAS…  Why?  Well, I just don’t believe I can live in Montgomery, Alabama for untold years and retain my sanity with this stuck in my head!

I know you all hate me for that now so I’ll attempt to distract you…

A friend of mine posted this on her Myspace under the heading “I love Jesus but…”  It caught my attention and I just HAD to watch it!

I will admit that it’s long but I swear it’s worth it!  Watch the whole thing… I haven’t laughed so hard in months!


Well, that’s it for me.  I’m off to catch up on all I’ve missed and then I’ll probably loll around with another book! 

Auf Wiedersehen!




11 thoughts on “Flea markets, drinking, and winter blues!

  1. I saw that Gladys show the day it 1st happened, and the clips still make me laugh.That flea market clip, however… omyword!  I think I lost brain cells.I hope you get outside with your 3 men today!

  2. @BrieanneVanessa – HA no joke.  My husband showed that video to me last Saturday when our list came out and we’ve both been singing it all week.  It’s a slow numbing torture.  I even woke myself up last night singing it in my sleep.  Ryan was laughing is butt off at me! 

  3. Oh my goodness!!!  Those are hysterical!  The first one…wow, there aren’t really words to describe that one, except for that guy is off his rocker!The second one- ah, I definitely got a good laugh out of that!  Thanks!

  4. The Ellen clip isn’t overly long, its funny! The other…. well its over 2 minutes and that is about 1minute and 45 seconds too long! LOL. I keep thinking Texas for you, but you know, since you found that commercial you have likely doomed yourself to Alabama. Gosh, I hope not!Love-Snow

  5. Oh.my.goodness!!!!! That was SO funny!! I love that woman! I love Jesus but…I drink a little! Ba ha ha ha! She was hilarious!And so was that furniture commercial. Praying for Texas my friend! I just watched the Ellen video with Randy and before I showed him I said “so Courtney in Germany, who could be Courtney in Texas by the end of this year…posted this.” Eeekkk! It’d be SO cool to have you here!!Thanks for the entertainment!

  6. Okay, that first video is absolutely hilarious!!  I watched the whole thing!  LOL.  That was great.  I’ll have to come back and watch the Ellen video, my internet wouldn’t let me watch it.Praying, praying, praying for you guys that you get the base in Texas!!  Can’t wait to hear!

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