A blanket statement… :)

Well, the dust has settled a bit here in the Laube household. 

Basically that means that the day dreaming and excitement have faded to usher in the impatience at the fact that we have four weeks to wait until our orders are cut!  FOUR WEEKS of wondering and worrying about which of the three bases that were presented to us will be our new home for however long.

I tried to answer everyone’s questions but the most common thing brought up is which base will we choose?  We don’t really get a choice.  We submit a list of our own with these bases in the order that we want them and then the Air Force will take into account how long each person has been in the job, how long they’ve been in the Air Force, how long they’ve been a Staff Sergeant and a dozen other things… then and only then will they take into account what we actually want!  It is like this because of the specific job that Ryan has so our hands are tied…  Now we wait…

We will get our orders on February the 15th and they will be the final word. 

Until then we are working on consolidating the house, packing some boxes and culling out 220 appliances to sell or donate since we can’t bring them back stateside, and making lists of things that need to be done so we aren’t blind-sided by a ton of unexpected work at the very end. 

So, now we wait.

Do you want to know what the last few months of waiting have produced?

Tons of baby blankets!  For the first time in my life I have blankets made before I even know if the babies on the way are boys or girls!  I’m actually a little ahead!

I thought I’d share a few pictures of the blankets I’ve completed in the past six weeks that are sitting on my shelf waiting for a baby to be born.

The first is a soft green in a wave stitch.


 The second is the same soft green and white in broad stripes done in a sweetheart stitch.


 I love the detail of this simple stitch!


 The third is white and in the softest of yarns… it’s a new stitch….


 … and is finished off with a ruffled fan edging.


 The fourth is also a new stitch I was experimenting with… it’s done in a soft baby pink.


 It’s huge!


 I also did a neutral yellow in a new stitch…


 This is one of my new favorite stitches!  It’s so easy and has such pretty detail!


 And a stylized blanket for a little boy!  It was a pain to make but fun at the same time!


 What little kid could resist touching this!?


I’m starting yet another tonight…  I’ll keep you posted!  It’s been quite a lot of fun to discover new patterns and use up scraps of yarn.  It serves two fold purposes.  It culls down my collection of yarn so we don’t have to move so much of it and gets me ahead of the game for the summer baby boom!

With that I’m off to catch up on some paperwork!

Auf Wiedersehen!





21 thoughts on “A blanket statement… :)

  1. I am not a patient person, so four weeks would drive me nuts!! I can’t wait to hear where you’re assigned!Those blankets are gorgeous!! I absolutely love them! You’re so talented.Thank you so much for your prayers. I know you understand. Love you!

  2. Waiting is so hard!  I can’t imagine what you two are going through.I LOVE the blankets!  You are so talented.  I’m in awe.  Lol.  Are these for friends’ babies, coworkers’ babies, relatives’ babies, xanga friends’ babies, all of the above?  Haha.

  3. Oh. My. Word.Seriously girl.  You just continue to impress me.  Great with photography…and now… crocheting?  Or is that knitting.  Hard to tell.  Regardless…I’m impressed.  I can crochet…only one type of stich and I hate counting.  So the only thing I make are BIG blankets.  So big that you can’t tell the edges aren’t even!!! LOL  I can’t follow a pattern.  Wish I could.  Those blankets are BEAUTIFUL!Thanks for your continued prayers.  I continue to pray for you and Ryan that you are placed in your preferred location and that the move home goes smoothly.  I know how tough it is to pack everything up….and SO much you can’t bring home.  Lamps, clocks, TV, toaster, coffee maker… the list goes on as you know.  Thankfully my inlaws live in Europe and they hauled it ALL away for us and gave it to friends and family!    YEAH!  Hopefully you can find a home for all your goodies.

  4. I’ve always loved seeing the blanket you made for Miracle in Melissa’s pictures.  These ones are so beautiful too!  Well done girl!When you’re settled in at your next home, I was actually hoping you would make my dogs sweaters.  I could mail you the yarn & measurements… I just can’t do it and read in one of your entries that you’ve made them for your smaller dog.  If you can’t, or don’t want to I won’t hold it against you!  I just thought I’d ask!

  5. @babybooties33 – It’s crochet…  I taught myself to do it from a book back in 2001 and it’s just slowly morphed with practice over time.  I love it!  Thank you for your prayers as well… I’m nervous!  Not about moving or being somewhere new but with the waiting part!  LOL  You know all too well that feeling I’m sure.  And as you said it’s a HUGE comfort to know that someone is praying for us and our outcome!  THANK YOU!

  6. @BrieanneVanessa – I have no problem doing that at all!  I have to warn you though…  So far the pattern I make for Yoda is the only pattern I can do right!  LOL  Something about clothing defeats me!  But it does come in larger sizes and because it’s a collar and a belly strap mostly I find that it limits how many knots it makes in the hair which is great!  If you still want me to make them maybe this summer would be a good time to start while I’m at my mom and dad’s house.  That way I can work on them over the summer and hopefully get them off to you in plenty of time for next winter!  Let me know what you think.

  7. I am praying you get where you want out of the choices. I know none of them are what you REALLY want, but I hope you at least get Texas.  I ADORE these blankets! I must say I love the last one the best, but I love all the fun different types of stitching.  My mom made a white one for Ethan and tied a blue ribbon all the way around it.  It is so beautiful and it’s the softest thing in the world! The best part is, I can wash it in the washing machine and dry it and it stays looking brand new!

  8. Those are so pretty!!  That last one looks like it took a long time.  You are talented girl!  I hope you guys get onto the base you want.  I know you must be really excited about being back in the States and close to family!

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