This House will leave you wanting more!

This is a book review for Thomas Nelson: Book Review Bloggers


House of Dark Shadows is the story of a young teenage boy, Xander King, who along with his brother and sister, is moved against his will to a small California town by the name of Pinedale. It is hours away from his school, his friends, his life, the career of his dreams, and, in his mind, civilization! Just as his family finds the homes of their dreams and begins to settle into a new life, unsettling things begin to happen. What Xander finds in this new home is beyond anything that this young and aspiring filmographer could have ever hoped for… or feared.

The plot of this Young Adult book is fast moving and twisty enough to surprise you. The Characters pull you in and make you eager to know their fate. And the house… the house will draw you ever nearer until it holds you tight within its grasp. It will leave you with no hope of escape!

Within moments of finishing House of Dark Shadows I was online ordering the next two books in the series! I highly recommend this series and suggest that you have more than just the first book on hand. I promise you that the last page of this book will not satisfy you but leave you wanting more.

House of Dark Shadows will get its claws into you from the very first sentence and drag you ever more quickly from page to page trembling and whimpering until it drops you cold, desperately wanting more with the words…




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