Choices, life’s full of ’em, but we don’t get one!

So as you can see (from the entry below) I just finished, and reviewed a book for Thomas Nelson.  This book was young adult Christian fiction!  It was phenomenal and I highly recommend it. 


Well, tomorrow is the day.  We will get a list of places in the continental United States that we could live.  A list of between 2 and 7 cities.  2 and 7 little words that each represent a new life.  A new state, city, neighborhood, and way of life.  2 and 7 words that will alter the course of our lives. 



Nerve wracking.



To be honest neither one of us knows how to feel!  We are desperate to hear and scared of it at the same time.  What if the list comes out and every single base on it is one we really DON’T want to live at?  We definitely have preferences but we’re not being picky either.  We would like to be close enough to home to drive there so that when Ryan is deployed I can load up the dogs and go home to visit family.  We want to avoid the high priced areas such as California and New Hampshire.  We would like to avoid the very scariest of neighborhoods like D.C.  So basically somewhere in the middle would be great, that’s a lot of choices left.  But what if THOSE bases we don’t want are the ONLY bases on our list!  EEEEEKKKK! 

In the end it doesn’t matter though… we’ll get the list tomorrow and then we’ll have our few choices… We’ll submit then again in the order we would like most and just 29 short days later we’ll have orders in hand and that will be that. 

There is no point in worrying about something that we can not change.  No point in spending time weeping that the sky is blue when we should be spending time getting prepared (physically, mentally, and spiritually) for living with that metaphorically blue sky. 

We trust our Father in heaven to place us where we need to be. 

I can vividly remember the moment when we found out that we were coming to Germany. 

I did not… errr…. exactly handle it with grace.  In fact I believe there was a great deal of tears along with some flailing of fists and feet.  In short I threw a full blown temper tantrum.  There was a very interesting week of adjustment before I calmed down!  I pretty much threw a hissy fit… Not pretty, not very adult, and very me!  LOL

What did that get me?  Well I can answer that in one word.  HERE

No matter how much I dragged my heels, beat my chest, cried, or raved I’m still here in Germany.  In the end I simply could not change it and this move will be no different. 

You know what?  God knew what he was doing when he put us here! (Big shock right?)  Germany has been a true adventure!  Of course I’m done now… You all know that…  I’m in the midst of my third dark winter…  the Euro is up and money is tight… I’m ready to go home… but if I take off that hat and look at my time here objectively I can say without any tint of falsehood that this is one of the best things that ever happened to Ryan and I!

We would have never traveled on our own… We have seen things we never knew we wanted to see, we have experienced things we never knew existed… we have learned and we have grown.  Our marriage is stronger and we, as people, are more complete.  It has been a great experience.  One neither of us would miss… or change.

The next place will be the same for us… Not because it will be special but because we will go there with that attitude!  Every place we ever go will be an adventure!  Simply because we’ll make it one.

So with that I’ll say goodbye… 


P.S.  I’ll be back tomorrow to let you all know what our list has to offer!  Look for me in about 24 hours time!



11 thoughts on “Choices, life’s full of ’em, but we don’t get one!

  1. I can honestly say that as much of a homebody as I am….I am secretly jealous that military families get to travel and adventure!  No matter where you end up at, there will be new places to explore, new people to meet, new STORES TO SHOP AT (priorities), new styles of living…but it does NOT leave you disconnected from those you love….there is always a road to travel…and the good thing is that in the states, it will be a much shorter road than the distance from Germany! You know though….right in the middle of the states would put you somewhere pretty darn close to Illinois!! Yep, I’m still rooting that you get to be close by ME!!! lol (selfish huh?)  Wherever you end up at….is where God wants you to be. One of my favorite thoughts is that we are to meet people at certain times in our lives to mold us into who we become and I truly believe that is why certain chain of events take place. I wish you both the best of luck and enjoy your land of fairy tales for the rest of your time there. Love you!

  2. I live just outside of DC and love it here!  You got the beaches, the mountains, and lots of green grass and trees.  So much history over here too.  Maybe we can do lunch if you end up over here on the “right coast”.  Blessings~

  3. Im sure you guys are nervous and might not get alot of sleep tonight. Hopefully it works out for the best with you guys and you can end up so where close to your family. Are any bases in AZ a choice even for you guys? I had no clue that with him being Contracting Squadron that he was limited to so little choices.  We feel you guys desperation that it really doesnt matter as long as its the states. I see how important family is to you guys. And everyone deserves to be near family, even if we live a different kind of life as those that arent in the military. We have analyzed our favorites where we want to get stationed and our “content” locations as well and those please God dont make us go there choices just like you guys have. CROSSING THOSE FINGERS FOR YOU TWO!!!

  4. I’ve not commented before but I’ve been reading for several months. Sorry it’s taken me so long to comment! I hope you get a list of options that are all appealing to you and you end up somewhere close to your family. We’ll be praying for you tonight here in Missouri!

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