Good day!

First thing’s first!  Today is my niece Savannah’s first birthday! 



I can’t believe it’s been a year already!


I must apologize for not being around much…  It’s been rather busy around here though looking back I can’t think why.

I suppose it’s just that Ryan and I are spending more time together in the evenings so I’m making more of an effort to get all of my chores done during my day.  The huge life changes coming in 2009 look so much closer from this side of Christmas! 

It suddenly hit me this morning that I only have about 12 weeks left in Germany.  Only 12 more Saturdays to sleep in with Ryan, or spend a lazy day with him, or the day exploring… Just twelve more Sundays without a church… and BOOM it doesn’t seem like a long time anymore!  So we’ve been spending a lot of time together… talking and daydreaming about where we might end up this year and just enjoying each other’s presence. 

We have had some beautiful weather this past week as well…  There is still a dusting of powdery snow on the ground but we’ve had clear skies and low temperatures!  It has sure made for a few beautiful pictures!

This was sunset one day last week… 


And this was dawn…  (now before you freak out about me being up to see the dawn I’ll remind you that dawn takes place at about 10 minutes to 9am around these parts!)


 Look at the light on the snow…


 We even had a few days of a bright white mist…  so different from our normal dank fog.


 In fact it’s been so sunny that we had a few days full of birdsong!  It was almost like spring… until you walked out the door into the 6 degree sunny afternoon!


 I looked out the window one fine morning to see this…


 Our neighbors cat on the lookout for one of those early birds!


 Even the cows were out this week enjoying the sun!  Must be quite a change from the barns they are normally kept in all winter long…


 And of course my boys have enjoyed the week of sunshine as well!


So, only four days remain between us and our list!  Many of you have asked us if we’ll be going back to the states and the answer is yes.  Though we don’t get a choice in the least about where we’ll be we are guaranteed a place back in the continental United States because we have served a long tour here in Germany.

It’s kind of scary having absolutely zero control over where we’ll be living.  We of course have preferences but none of it really matters at this point.  We are trying very hard to not be nervous or anxious and to just trust that the place we get will be the perfect place for us! 

Sometime Saturday afternoon we’ll get a list of places that could be our next home.  Then 29 days later we’ll find out which one it will be!  You can bet I’ll be here Saturday to let you know what our list consists of!!!

That’s about it for me today.  Ryan has been very busy at work and it putting in some long hours!  He seems to never get home before 6pm these days (which is long when he’s out the door everyday before 7am) and since it’s dark here by 4:30pm it sure shortens our days!

Oh and I have to share this picture with you!  I glanced out my upstairs office window earlier this week to find an almost full moon and decided to give it a try with my camera!  Considering that I don’t exactly have a telescope lens I love how it turned out!


 Have a lovely day all,

Auf Wiedersehen!




16 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. As a former AF wife I completely understand the relocation and reassignment stress, but not having any choice must be nerve wreckin, especially since you’ve been overseas for so long!  I am glad you are getting your list though and will be praying that there is something close to what you want! 😀

  2. The moon here the other night was HUGE but I couldn’t capture it like you did! I love that picture!I wouldn’t do well not knowing where I was going to live. lol. I worry way too much. Love you!

  3. Oooh, how exciting that you will get your list soon!  I am so excited to hear your possibilities!I love the picture of the moon!  That’s incredible!And your niece is a year old already?!?!  How did that happen!?  Didn’t you just post that she was born!?  Wow!  Happy Birthday to her!

  4. I am selfish but I hope you get to be stationed in Illinois! lol I love the pictures of the moon. It’s odd, I was looking at some older pictures I had taken one a couple of them were of the moon! lol  Hope you are doing great. Just a question though. Do you not have a church in Germany or do they not have the same types over there? Love ya!

  5. @silvernicks – Thanks! They have some similar churches here but unfortunatly I don’t speak German!!!!  There are more varieties in larger towns but I live in the middle of podunkville Germany and have two choices;  A Lutheran church or about 25 Catholic churches all services in German.  I can’t wait to be stateside and going to church again!  Online church is a blessing but it just doesn’t cut it!

  6. The moon on Saturday night was AMAZINGLY full and gorgeous!  Your picture is so great!  SO great!I’m going to miss your pictures of Germany!  They’re so beautiful, and I just love the look and landscape there.

  7. OH MY GOODNESS! That picture of the moon is AMAZING!!!!  I love it!Your niece is such a cutie pie!  Happy Birthday to her!You know, I feel like we are in much the same situation.  We have no idea where we will end up, and really the only control we have is taking a job offer once we get it!  Mark is applying everywhere and anywhere!  But, it’s also an adventure.  new place… new adventures… and at least the people at the grocery store will speak english on this adventure!  ha ha haI have to say… your pictures make me miss Germany a bit.  Looking back…I really liked the …. annonimity of it all.  The exotic nature of living in foreign land.  Don’t get me wrong.. it was hard.  There were many things I wish had been different.  But now, that we are home… I look back and realize that it was such an amazing experience and I would definitely do it again.  I continue to pray for a smooth move home and that you will be placed somewhere near framily and friends.

  8. Can’t wait until you get your list!!!!!!!!!! I hope you get where you want, but personally, I would LOVE to have you in Atlanta!!!! :o) Ok, you have got to tell me what kind of lens you have…that moon shot is incredible! I’ve attempted a lot of moon shots so I know how difficult that must have been!!! What ISO and shutter speed did you use? Did you use a tripod?

  9. WOW! That last picture of the moon is really just stunning. As for life, glad you’ve been able to spend so much time with the hubby, unfortunatly with all the seperations it’s gotta be nice to simply enjoy the everyday moments. I know I can never get enough of waking up together and enjoying a leisurely breakfast…enjoy these little moments and last weeks in Germany. *hugs*

  10. @Lisacollinsworth – Sorry it took me so long to get back to you!  It turns out that the secret was getting the shot at dusk before the moon was fully glowing and then editing the picture to dark.  I was just using auto shutter and ISO and my 55-200 zoom!  Nothing fancy and I was SHOCKED at the results! 

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