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6 months from today Germany will be a memory.  We’re excited to go home and be closer to family once more, excited to have the chance to take part in the lives of the children being born into our family, and excited to be on even footing again money wise.  But…  we will miss it.  It’s been a fantastic adventure and we are grateful for the opportunity to explore far more of the world than we would have done on our own.

This week is was announced that Germany will no longer be selling unleaded gasoline.  So, there is no longer any supply for our gas station.  We now have no choice but to use Super Unleaded or Supreme.   Also, there is a big hullabaloo over here over why our gas prices are so high when the states are now so much lower (our gas prices are supposed to reflect a national average.)  As a result of these things the cheapest gas available to Ryan and I is $2.20 a gallon.  OUCH

This is the coldest winter that Ryan and I have experienced here.  As unlikely as it sounds… it’s also the nicest!  We’ve had snow and freezing temperatures (our high yesterday topped out at a balmy 16 degrees) but we’ve had not much biting wind, driving ice, and freezing rain categories at all.  To top all that off we’ve had more sunny days this winter than the last two put together!  Don’t get me wrong though… I still HATE being cold.

Last but not least… You simply won’t believe this one!  Last night our dryer committed a slow and lingering dryercide.  Yep you read that right… this is the third complete death of an appliance in about 5 weeks.  I put a load of clothes in to dry yesterday afternoon.  I got distracted and didn’t go down to pull them out for about three hours.  So imagine my surprise when I came around the corner to see that the dryer was still running!  I opened it thinking that my clothes had to be ashes by now only to find them still soaking wet and the interior of the dryer colder than the unheated basement…  So the repair guys are coming tomorrow to repair or hopefully just replace the dumb thing.  Honestly what a pain! 

Nothing much else going on around here.  We’re still anxiously counting down the days until we get our list… Only 9 more now!

Auf Wiedersehen!



10 thoughts on “Little things…

  1. Oh I so know that bitter sweet sensation of going home.   There will be things you will miss… and it will hit you at such odd times.  I thought I was going to watch the Sound Of Music about a week ago.  I settled into the couch for the songfest…. then it started.  The opening scenes showing the majestic alps…. blue inland lakes, lush trees and little villages.  I almost started crying!!!!!!  How crazy is THAT!  See, the entire scene looked like this area we used to travel to on some weekends and go hiking around and what not, it was only about an hour away from Munich.  I MISSED IT!  I was missing those little villages and our weekend hikes and the little lakes and the beautiful mountains!  I mean, I knew I liked them alot…but I never thought it would make me feel so …. sad not to be there!  Needless to say, I could not watch the movie.  But, you and I both have lots and lots of pictures and we can revisit our favorite things anytime we want.So sorry to hear about your dryer.  Seriously, I’ve never heard of anyone having so much trouble with their appliances.  If I didn’t know better I would say they were sad you are leaving!  ha ha haThat’s crazy about the gas!  Now, what I don’t understand is why there is a bunch of huballoo over the the price there and the price here NOW.  It’s ALWAYS been that way.  When Mark moved to the states 9 years ago, gas in Europe was 4x’s what it was in the states.  Last summer it was only 2x’s…but still.  The US has always had lower prices.  As far as we can tell, it’s the taxes in Europe that drive it up.  They have road tax, car tax, tax tax tax !  They tax everything and anything!   Obviously you don’t drive a diesel.  We always tried to rent diesel… they got such better mileage.  Anyway…. enjoy your final days.  They will slip by quickly!

  2. I bet you are nervous!  I’ll be praying for you!I can’t believe that about no unleaded gasoline…why in the world?  Are they trying so hard to be “eco-friendly” that they have taken leave of all their senses completely?  Gee…what a struggle.  As if their outrageous taxes weren’t enough.  Sigh.

  3. I will miss the pictures you share of Germany.  Such a beautiful place.  But I’m glad you’re going home to family and friends.  That’s a happy feeling I’m sure.I can’t believe how much trouble you have with your laundry machines.  It’s funny to read about, but if I were you, I would be so frustrated.  I hope it’s fixed quickly and you don’t have any more trouble for the next 6 months.Hugs today!

  4. @babybooties33 – LOL I read your whole comment on the verge of giggles and tearing up too… It’s going to be sad to go back to a normal unchanted life… and nice too.  Bittersweet is a perfect word.  As far as the gas goes there is a hullabaloo about it because our gas isn’t taxed.  (One of the perks of buying gas on a military base.)  We don’t have the same tax laws it’s part of the agreement with the German government.  Our gas is SUPPOSED to be equal to the average of the states but it turns out that our company who handles the prices might be skimming… add that to the fact that they just took away unleaded and OUCH.  Last summer our untaxed unleaded gas was riding at $4.65 a gallon!

  5. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you will be coming back to the states in 6 months. Where about do you live in the states? I’m not exactly happy about our gas right now either. Its 1.85 a gallon, but we do have taxed gas so I guess it makes sense. In PA where they have no tax its like 1.75 I think. No fair, lol. Oh man, the dryer thing is stinky. I get so mad at ours because they are brand new but hold barely anything. When the dryer is running it sounds like its litterly running out around in the basement, its soo loud. Woohoo, only 6 more months!! Hang in there!!

  6. @fallensparrow – $4.65 a gallon!!! OUCH!!!  We hit just over $4 last summer as I recall.I do know that Europe gets about 1/4 of their gas from Russia…and Russia has apparently shut it off.  They claim it is because the Ukraine is stealing from the pipeline…but I guess there is a pricing issue as well.  Russia really jacked up the prices.  I don’t know if the Military has a seperate supply or not.  I forgot you guys should be getting it at a more normal price.  Nothing like giving our fighting forces a break, huh!  What in the world.  I do know our prices here are on the rise…. but I don’t think they are over $2 in most places.  We are at $1.95 and we tend to be one of the higher priced areas.  We were actually higher than California last summer if you can believe that.

  7. Gas is creeping back up here.  I think it is around $2 a gallon right now.  Congratulations on getting to move back closer to family.  And yes, your mother is gorgeous! 

  8. Hahahaha, I’m sorry I can’t help but laugh at all of your appliances dying.  Really, it must be incredibly frustrating, but from this side of the computer screen, it’s hilarious.  :)Only 6 more months!  Yippee!

  9. I’m so happy you had such an awsome oppotunity, I’m sure there’s gotta be mixed feelings about wanting to stay in the place you’ve made home and going back to the states closer to spend time with your family and friends. Stay strong, and take in EVERYTHING you can in the next six months….I’m sure you’ll have plenty of pictures to reflect your memories that will stay with you forever. *hugs*

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