Happy New Year!


2008 went by so quickly…  I just can’t believe it’s over already…  I can distinctly remember thinking that I hoped 2008 was a quieter year after the insanely busy 2007…

I don’t think I got my wish!

What did ’08 hold for us?  The birth of our niece, a six month deployment, 7 weeks of visitors, a trip back stateside for me, a month long TDY to Israel for Ryan, a thousand other little things…

Ryan and I rang in the new year by watching the fireworks in our little town and of course I took a few pictures…  Not my best as I was looking out my bedroom window… but pretty just the same…


I do love living in a country where all fireworks, even the big ones, are legal!


Remember that I’ve lived my whole life in a desert where they are strictly outlawed…


Ooooo pretty… 


Looks like the neighbor hood is going to go up in flames…


See what happens when you are using a very slow shutter speed and you bump the camera?


We lit a few sparklers in the spirit of the thing ourselves! 


 We are very much looking forward to 2009 and what it holds for us…

January – our list of possible bases
February – ORDERS!
March – packing up…
April – I move back home to the states!
May – Ryan’s 30th birthday
June – Our 9th Anniversary
July – Ryan joins us in Phoenix and we move to our new base…

The rest of the year will be taken up by moving to a new place, finding a house, the birth of another neice or nephew, maybe coming back home for Christmas, and possibly preparing for another long deployment…

We are so excited and a little nervous!

I hope that 2009 hold many great things for you!

Auf Wiedersehen,



9 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year!I have to say…. last night I was missing the fireworks display.  Munich puts on a GREAT show on New Years… and we could literally see it from our living room window because it was just down the street.  I’ve been praying that your move home would go smoothly.  We are looking forward to a good 2009 as well.

  2. Great update. I love fireworks!  I was in Germany for New Years Eve once and the hotel put on quite a show with fireworks…I’ve been to a million 4th of july statewide that were good but these were OMG AMAZING! I’m happy you’ve enjoyed your stay in Germany and wishing the best of luck and prayers in your new home this upcoming year. Where-ever that ends up being. *hugs*

  3. Whew, this has been a busy year for you two!  I hope that next year slows down a little, but it doesn’t sound like it will!  Can you believe you are already getting ready to head back home again?  How exciting!  I look forward to experiencing this next year with you via your blog!Great pictures of the fireworks!

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