En’HOFF is En’HOFF!!!

Reason # 43 why Ryan and I will NOT miss living in Germany.

We have had quite our fill of Hoff Dogs!  Thank you VERY much!


How can that be clean?  It’s just so… DIRTY!?


And if SEEING him everywhere isn’t enough… there’s always this!

 Yep not going to miss him…


 Although I have this strange and sudden urge to buy all the seasons of Baywatch…

Huh… Interesting…


P.S.  You still with us HOBBS?



Our little old man…

Yesterday was an important day around here! 

Our Schnauzer, Yoda, turned 12 years old.  


 It’s hard to believe that 9 years ago this malnourished, shaggy, and skittish little guy stared at Ryan and I with his big teddy bear eyes through the bars of a cage.


Hard to believe that it’s been so long since he stuck his little pink tongue through the bars to lick our hands and then whined a little when we walked away to ask about him, sealing the deal for us both. 


He was our fate and we were his and the 9 years we’ve had together have been full of laughter and cuddles that I wouldn’t trade for anything! 


12 years of life have made him old and grumpy in the cutest of ways!  He’s still feisty as you could wish and in the best of health!  Our vet says she would be surprised to hear he doesn’t see the far side of 15!  In fact the only major change in this old man’s life is that he has lost almost all his teeth!  He seems to get along just fine though…


He’s a bit more gray and has a few war wounds but the teddy bear eyes haven’t aged a day and I’m thankful for every day we wake up to him blinking blearily at us from his bed and licking his little black nose, ready for another day of adventure…

Happy birthday our little old man.


Love da’ mamma!  🙂


Flea markets, drinking, and winter blues!

Good morning!

Today is a glorious day here in The Land of Fairy Tales!  It’s actually sunny!  Of course it’s too cold to go outside but I love being able to see the sun shining and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin if I sit near a window… (Just picture that… me sitting on the floor under the window trying to get a little vitamin D!)  Maybe if Ryan get’s home before dark today we’ll bundle up and take the boys for a walk!

There isn’t all that much going on around here.  I think I have a good case of the winter blues…  I’m beginning to think that humans are supposed to hibernate in harsh winter climates!   So as a result of the blues I have nothing to report beyond copious amounts of time spent reading or playing games…  Ah well…

Well know which base will be home in 20 days and then things will pick up big time! 

I’m very serious when I ask you all to pray for TEXAS…  Why?  Well, I just don’t believe I can live in Montgomery, Alabama for untold years and retain my sanity with this stuck in my head!

I know you all hate me for that now so I’ll attempt to distract you…

A friend of mine posted this on her Myspace under the heading “I love Jesus but…”  It caught my attention and I just HAD to watch it!

I will admit that it’s long but I swear it’s worth it!  Watch the whole thing… I haven’t laughed so hard in months!


Well, that’s it for me.  I’m off to catch up on all I’ve missed and then I’ll probably loll around with another book! 

Auf Wiedersehen!



A blanket statement… :)

Well, the dust has settled a bit here in the Laube household. 

Basically that means that the day dreaming and excitement have faded to usher in the impatience at the fact that we have four weeks to wait until our orders are cut!  FOUR WEEKS of wondering and worrying about which of the three bases that were presented to us will be our new home for however long.

I tried to answer everyone’s questions but the most common thing brought up is which base will we choose?  We don’t really get a choice.  We submit a list of our own with these bases in the order that we want them and then the Air Force will take into account how long each person has been in the job, how long they’ve been in the Air Force, how long they’ve been a Staff Sergeant and a dozen other things… then and only then will they take into account what we actually want!  It is like this because of the specific job that Ryan has so our hands are tied…  Now we wait…

We will get our orders on February the 15th and they will be the final word. 

Until then we are working on consolidating the house, packing some boxes and culling out 220 appliances to sell or donate since we can’t bring them back stateside, and making lists of things that need to be done so we aren’t blind-sided by a ton of unexpected work at the very end. 

So, now we wait.

Do you want to know what the last few months of waiting have produced?

Tons of baby blankets!  For the first time in my life I have blankets made before I even know if the babies on the way are boys or girls!  I’m actually a little ahead!

I thought I’d share a few pictures of the blankets I’ve completed in the past six weeks that are sitting on my shelf waiting for a baby to be born.

The first is a soft green in a wave stitch.


 The second is the same soft green and white in broad stripes done in a sweetheart stitch.


 I love the detail of this simple stitch!


 The third is white and in the softest of yarns… it’s a new stitch….


 … and is finished off with a ruffled fan edging.


 The fourth is also a new stitch I was experimenting with… it’s done in a soft baby pink.


 It’s huge!


 I also did a neutral yellow in a new stitch…


 This is one of my new favorite stitches!  It’s so easy and has such pretty detail!


 And a stylized blanket for a little boy!  It was a pain to make but fun at the same time!


 What little kid could resist touching this!?


I’m starting yet another tonight…  I’ll keep you posted!  It’s been quite a lot of fun to discover new patterns and use up scraps of yarn.  It serves two fold purposes.  It culls down my collection of yarn so we don’t have to move so much of it and gets me ahead of the game for the summer baby boom!

With that I’m off to catch up on some paperwork!

Auf Wiedersehen!




And the verdict is…

And the verdict is…







Well, the list came in… We didn’t get California, New Hampshire, or another extremely high cost of living area… we didn’t get D.C. or another high crime area. We also didn’t get anything we wanted or were hoping for…

We did get the middle…





Our choices are as follows.

Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama (D)

Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, Texas (C)


Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, Texas (B)




So how do we feel about these bases?

Three words…



None of them are great or what we hoped for and all of them have low BAH (Basic allowance for housing a.k.a. the money to rent a house) allotments but the lowest is Maxwell, it’s got humidity which we don’t love, and it’s by far the farthest away from home.

Why is being close to home important?  (Besides the obvious reasons of course)

Now that none of our choices are bases that will be permanent for Ryan’s career, his chances of being deployed for more than 8 months of the year… EVERY year just spiked through the roof.

For that reason being closer to home would be ideal.  It gives me the opportunity to load up the boys and hit the road for Phoenix a couple times a year when Ryan is deployed and it would give Ryan many more opportunities to see family during the few short months a year he’ll be in the states.

Now if God grants our request the only question will be the border of Mexico or the middle of tornado alley!

Aye Carumba!


Choices, life’s full of ’em, but we don’t get one!

So as you can see (from the entry below) I just finished, and reviewed a book for Thomas Nelson.  This book was young adult Christian fiction!  It was phenomenal and I highly recommend it. 


Well, tomorrow is the day.  We will get a list of places in the continental United States that we could live.  A list of between 2 and 7 cities.  2 and 7 little words that each represent a new life.  A new state, city, neighborhood, and way of life.  2 and 7 words that will alter the course of our lives. 



Nerve wracking.



To be honest neither one of us knows how to feel!  We are desperate to hear and scared of it at the same time.  What if the list comes out and every single base on it is one we really DON’T want to live at?  We definitely have preferences but we’re not being picky either.  We would like to be close enough to home to drive there so that when Ryan is deployed I can load up the dogs and go home to visit family.  We want to avoid the high priced areas such as California and New Hampshire.  We would like to avoid the very scariest of neighborhoods like D.C.  So basically somewhere in the middle would be great, that’s a lot of choices left.  But what if THOSE bases we don’t want are the ONLY bases on our list!  EEEEEKKKK! 

In the end it doesn’t matter though… we’ll get the list tomorrow and then we’ll have our few choices… We’ll submit then again in the order we would like most and just 29 short days later we’ll have orders in hand and that will be that. 

There is no point in worrying about something that we can not change.  No point in spending time weeping that the sky is blue when we should be spending time getting prepared (physically, mentally, and spiritually) for living with that metaphorically blue sky. 

We trust our Father in heaven to place us where we need to be. 

I can vividly remember the moment when we found out that we were coming to Germany. 

I did not… errr…. exactly handle it with grace.  In fact I believe there was a great deal of tears along with some flailing of fists and feet.  In short I threw a full blown temper tantrum.  There was a very interesting week of adjustment before I calmed down!  I pretty much threw a hissy fit… Not pretty, not very adult, and very me!  LOL

What did that get me?  Well I can answer that in one word.  HERE

No matter how much I dragged my heels, beat my chest, cried, or raved I’m still here in Germany.  In the end I simply could not change it and this move will be no different. 

You know what?  God knew what he was doing when he put us here! (Big shock right?)  Germany has been a true adventure!  Of course I’m done now… You all know that…  I’m in the midst of my third dark winter…  the Euro is up and money is tight… I’m ready to go home… but if I take off that hat and look at my time here objectively I can say without any tint of falsehood that this is one of the best things that ever happened to Ryan and I!

We would have never traveled on our own… We have seen things we never knew we wanted to see, we have experienced things we never knew existed… we have learned and we have grown.  Our marriage is stronger and we, as people, are more complete.  It has been a great experience.  One neither of us would miss… or change.

The next place will be the same for us… Not because it will be special but because we will go there with that attitude!  Every place we ever go will be an adventure!  Simply because we’ll make it one.

So with that I’ll say goodbye… 


P.S.  I’ll be back tomorrow to let you all know what our list has to offer!  Look for me in about 24 hours time!


This House will leave you wanting more!

This is a book review for Thomas Nelson: Book Review Bloggers


House of Dark Shadows is the story of a young teenage boy, Xander King, who along with his brother and sister, is moved against his will to a small California town by the name of Pinedale. It is hours away from his school, his friends, his life, the career of his dreams, and, in his mind, civilization! Just as his family finds the homes of their dreams and begins to settle into a new life, unsettling things begin to happen. What Xander finds in this new home is beyond anything that this young and aspiring filmographer could have ever hoped for… or feared.

The plot of this Young Adult book is fast moving and twisty enough to surprise you. The Characters pull you in and make you eager to know their fate. And the house… the house will draw you ever nearer until it holds you tight within its grasp. It will leave you with no hope of escape!

Within moments of finishing House of Dark Shadows I was online ordering the next two books in the series! I highly recommend this series and suggest that you have more than just the first book on hand. I promise you that the last page of this book will not satisfy you but leave you wanting more.

House of Dark Shadows will get its claws into you from the very first sentence and drag you ever more quickly from page to page trembling and whimpering until it drops you cold, desperately wanting more with the words…




Good day!

First thing’s first!  Today is my niece Savannah’s first birthday! 



I can’t believe it’s been a year already!


I must apologize for not being around much…  It’s been rather busy around here though looking back I can’t think why.

I suppose it’s just that Ryan and I are spending more time together in the evenings so I’m making more of an effort to get all of my chores done during my day.  The huge life changes coming in 2009 look so much closer from this side of Christmas! 

It suddenly hit me this morning that I only have about 12 weeks left in Germany.  Only 12 more Saturdays to sleep in with Ryan, or spend a lazy day with him, or the day exploring… Just twelve more Sundays without a church… and BOOM it doesn’t seem like a long time anymore!  So we’ve been spending a lot of time together… talking and daydreaming about where we might end up this year and just enjoying each other’s presence. 

We have had some beautiful weather this past week as well…  There is still a dusting of powdery snow on the ground but we’ve had clear skies and low temperatures!  It has sure made for a few beautiful pictures!

This was sunset one day last week… 


And this was dawn…  (now before you freak out about me being up to see the dawn I’ll remind you that dawn takes place at about 10 minutes to 9am around these parts!)


 Look at the light on the snow…


 We even had a few days of a bright white mist…  so different from our normal dank fog.


 In fact it’s been so sunny that we had a few days full of birdsong!  It was almost like spring… until you walked out the door into the 6 degree sunny afternoon!


 I looked out the window one fine morning to see this…


 Our neighbors cat on the lookout for one of those early birds!


 Even the cows were out this week enjoying the sun!  Must be quite a change from the barns they are normally kept in all winter long…


 And of course my boys have enjoyed the week of sunshine as well!


So, only four days remain between us and our list!  Many of you have asked us if we’ll be going back to the states and the answer is yes.  Though we don’t get a choice in the least about where we’ll be we are guaranteed a place back in the continental United States because we have served a long tour here in Germany.

It’s kind of scary having absolutely zero control over where we’ll be living.  We of course have preferences but none of it really matters at this point.  We are trying very hard to not be nervous or anxious and to just trust that the place we get will be the perfect place for us! 

Sometime Saturday afternoon we’ll get a list of places that could be our next home.  Then 29 days later we’ll find out which one it will be!  You can bet I’ll be here Saturday to let you know what our list consists of!!!

That’s about it for me today.  Ryan has been very busy at work and it putting in some long hours!  He seems to never get home before 6pm these days (which is long when he’s out the door everyday before 7am) and since it’s dark here by 4:30pm it sure shortens our days!

Oh and I have to share this picture with you!  I glanced out my upstairs office window earlier this week to find an almost full moon and decided to give it a try with my camera!  Considering that I don’t exactly have a telescope lens I love how it turned out!


 Have a lovely day all,

Auf Wiedersehen!



Little things…

Let’s see…

6 months from today Germany will be a memory.  We’re excited to go home and be closer to family once more, excited to have the chance to take part in the lives of the children being born into our family, and excited to be on even footing again money wise.  But…  we will miss it.  It’s been a fantastic adventure and we are grateful for the opportunity to explore far more of the world than we would have done on our own.

This week is was announced that Germany will no longer be selling unleaded gasoline.  So, there is no longer any supply for our gas station.  We now have no choice but to use Super Unleaded or Supreme.   Also, there is a big hullabaloo over here over why our gas prices are so high when the states are now so much lower (our gas prices are supposed to reflect a national average.)  As a result of these things the cheapest gas available to Ryan and I is $2.20 a gallon.  OUCH

This is the coldest winter that Ryan and I have experienced here.  As unlikely as it sounds… it’s also the nicest!  We’ve had snow and freezing temperatures (our high yesterday topped out at a balmy 16 degrees) but we’ve had not much biting wind, driving ice, and freezing rain categories at all.  To top all that off we’ve had more sunny days this winter than the last two put together!  Don’t get me wrong though… I still HATE being cold.

Last but not least… You simply won’t believe this one!  Last night our dryer committed a slow and lingering dryercide.  Yep you read that right… this is the third complete death of an appliance in about 5 weeks.  I put a load of clothes in to dry yesterday afternoon.  I got distracted and didn’t go down to pull them out for about three hours.  So imagine my surprise when I came around the corner to see that the dryer was still running!  I opened it thinking that my clothes had to be ashes by now only to find them still soaking wet and the interior of the dryer colder than the unheated basement…  So the repair guys are coming tomorrow to repair or hopefully just replace the dumb thing.  Honestly what a pain! 

Nothing much else going on around here.  We’re still anxiously counting down the days until we get our list… Only 9 more now!

Auf Wiedersehen!