Christmas stars and Guitars!

Oh how quickly the holidays came this year… and they went by even more quickly!

Ryan and I had a lovely holiday weekend.  On Christmas Eve Ryan came home early… things were all ready to go so we took the boys outside to play and to take some pictures.

I do love a man in uniform!  *Snicker*


All my boys look so handsome!


Turns out that the magic words to get them to pose for the camera are… “Do you want a TREAT?”


Of course, what is a photo shoot with Ryan and I without one incredibly goofy shot?


Once it got far too cold to be outside we spent the evening watching Christmas movies, playing games, opening stockings and drinking egg nog!  It was a lovely evening!

Christmas morning dawned early but not exactly bright for us… (sunrise doesn’t come here until almost 9am right now!)  We decided this year to forego the normal Christmas dinner since it was just the two of us.  Instead I made a monster pot roast with all the trimmings and some Christmas sides as well.  So, first thing Christmas morning I put the pot roast on and then made a quiche for us for our breakfast.

We got each other just a few small things this year to save money since we are getting ready to make the move back to the states and are in the process of downsizing.  After breakfast we went ahead and opened our gifts to each other.  I think our favorite part of Christmas morning was watching the boys enjoy their gifts! 

That’s right, busy bones!




You’ve just got to love these faces!




 Doesn’t he just look so happy?


After filling his stomach with treats Yoda stretched out to take a long nap…


We had dinner around 2pm and spent some time enjoying our gifts.  Then, at about 5pm my family called us over the internet.  We hooked up our webcams which are both attached to our big screen TV’s and left the connection open to do our gift exchange.  It was almost like being in the room with them!  So fun!!!  We even got to be a part of my nieces’ first Christmas! 


I didn’t take pictures of gifts except these water globe things that my sister got me…  They just looked so pretty in the sun so I couldn’t resist!



We loved all the gifts we got from the family.  Clothes, toys, jewelry, books, games, and a few other odds and ends… 

After we were all done we signed off so they could go enjoy their breakfast and we called Ryan’s family.  We visited with them for a little over an hour and then our Christmas was over.  Well… except for the very best part… LEFTOVERS!  In the form of pot roast sandwiches and leftover potatoes and carameled carrots! 


The next couple of days were free days to enjoy with each other and we took advantage of our time.  We spent hours enjoying our new toy…  ROCKBAND!  So much fun….


We played so much that on Friday I didn’t even put on makeup!  No matter… I Rock… my shirt says so!!!


Ryan gets the better guitar because of course he’s a guy and better at it than me! Oooo pretty!


We rocked out together!  I took base and he took guitar…  It was a blast!


Unfortunately we are apparently hilarious to watch when playing…  (Camera is set up on auto and I’m only sharing the best of the worst!)


When we had played dual guitars for a while I decided to take a crack at singing.  LOL  That was hilarious!  I can sing… not beautifully but I don’t make dogs bark or anything… until I played this game!  I swear it only judges pitch and volume.  If you don’t howl at the moon you fail.  And, as you can see from the picture, it’s shocking how many lyrics of my favorite songs I DON’T know!  Those unknown words come across that screen fast!  Can you see the panic?


After a particularly foul howl I burst into laughter and made Ryan laugh at me too… sad thing?  I got 100% on this song… apparently I laugh on key!


Then we had our big finish!

Charly, you’re right, this game is a HOOT!


On Saturday we took a break to go visit some friends who just had a baby and do a photo shoot for them. 


Also, don’t think that I forgot about my French onion soup!  It came out wonderfully!!!!  So, as promised, here is the recipe.

 French Market Onion Soup

(Serves 6-8)

2 Tablespoons butter
2 lb yellow onions, halved and sliced 1/2″ wide (I used sweet onions and ringed them instead)
4 cans (14oz) beef broth
1 can beef consomme undiluted (campbell makes it)
1/4 cup freshly ground Romano cheese
salt & pepper to taste (I used 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper and it seemed to work just fine)


For the correct cooking method you need to go to the Mimi’s Cafe webpage to check it out…

I adapted it for a crock pot since that’s my favorite method of cooking.  So basically the crock pot makes it much easier…  Melt the butter in a pan and saute all the onions until soft but not browned.  Then toss everything into the crock pot and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours.

To serve ‘Au Gratin’ pour into ovenproof soup crocks or bowls.  Top with toasted, sliced french bread and sliced or grated cheese.  (Gruyere, Mozzarella, Swiss or Parmesan, or any combination thereof.)  We prefer Swiss.  Broil until the cheese melt and serve!  Be careful… it’s HOT!



And now it’s back to the real world today!  Back to work…


Auf Wiedersehen!




11 thoughts on “Christmas stars and Guitars!

  1. Lucas has the Guitar Hero, and he loves it! I even enjoy watching him play..what? I’m old girl! LOL But I’m not sure how much he’ll be playing it now because…drumroll please, he finally got his PS3! Thanks in part to generous donations from our family of course. We think he’s enjoying it, but of course we’re not entirely sure, because we have yet to see him crawl out of his cave. Oh wait, I lied. He crawled out last night as I was going to bed to ask me when we can get a 50 foot USB ? cable so he can hook it uo to the Internet and play it on line. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Seiously?!?!?Sammy gets busy bones for treaties too. Him lurves them. I’m so glad you guys had a good day, I just wish I was there for the phone call. Oh well, next time. Love you both, and miss you much.Me

  2. You post the best pictures.We love watching our dogs chew their bones too.  It’s funny how often we’ll call the other over and say, “look what Dixie/Tucker is doing…”  We love our dogs too!

  3. OH my goodness.  You two are HILARIOUS!  Man…. what I would give for an evening for you, Ryan, Mark and I to sit and play games.  I think I would be in stiches all night!!!  Your puppies are so cute.  We are seriously thinking about getting a dog once Mark has a job and we are settled somewhere.  I’m hoping this summer.  I really miss having an animal around since my Gertie Cat passed away…. and Maren seems to prefer dogs.  Happy New Year!

  4. I ADORE the pictures!  I have some of our gang playing Rock Band (or what’s the other one?)….oh!  Guitar Hero…I think that’s the one they played!  Once I get the pics edited I’ll share them 🙂

  5. Your boys DO look so happy with their treats. My lil munchkin actually knows how to unwrap presents now…we treat her more like a baby than a real dog, I swear she thinks she’s one of us. lol! Dogs certainly do warm the heart though.As for rockband…we have that to, and you are right, it is SO much fun. As for singing, you can actually mumble the words and pass as long as you do it loudly and hit the right level. lol! The guitar is HARD…at least for me. Did you guys get the drums too? Those are my favorite. lol! Happy to hear you enjoying the holidays. *hugs*

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