A plethora of pots!

So I have a brand new washing machine… again.  This time we convinced the FMO guys to leave it on the floor in the basement instead of up on the pedestal so that it can’t dive off again.  Boy I had an ugly basement before but now it’s just hideous!  Oh well…


It worked for exactly ONE load and then crapped out on me.  No violent death this time just a quiet flashing and beeping each time I tried to start my load.   See that little orange zero over there?  Every time I turned on the machine that thing flashed, the machine beeped, and a little key lit up.  Can you spot the problem?  My whole washing machine is in German!  I can’t read this!!!!  (So is the manual for those that are wondering.)


Want a closer look?  Do you think you can figure out what all of that means?  So we had to have FMO come out again.  They came this morning with another washing machine just in case.  Apparently we are getting a reputation.  THey came while I was upstairs…  The bell rang, Ryan opened the door, and by the time I got down the stairs they guys was driving away again.  I looked at Ryan in confusion and he grinned sheepishly back.

It turns out that the child safety lock on the machine was on.  All we had to do was turn it off.  Can you see how to do that?  No?  Me either…  It turns out you just have to put your finger over that big silver button on the right with the orange light in the middle of it for five whole seconds and it turns it off….  NICE….


So we have a working washing machine again… FINALLY!

So to make up for our embarrassing morning and the lingering scent of WET-DOG-IN-A-POT (for details please see my last post) I made a recipe that I have been trying to find for YEARS and only found yesterday.  Mimi’s Market French Onion Soup!  I hope it turns out wonderfully because it smells amazing!!!!


I even have individual soup crocks in my pottery and I have french bread and fat slices of fresh swiss cheese to melt over the top!  Oooo I can’t wait.

See they have super thick bottoms and little serving plates so you can pull them right out of the oven, put them on a plate, and serve!  YUMMO!


So I’m off to watch over my soup and run the 6 loads of laundry that have built up over these past few weeks of in and out washers.  Also I had to wash our bed sheets and bath towels today because they all reek of WET-DOG-IN-A-POT which I just can’t handle anymore!

Enjoy these last few days leading up to Christmas and enjoy each other!

Auf Wiedersehen and Fröhliche Weihnachten!




10 thoughts on “A plethora of pots!

  1. That’s Polish Pottery, isn’t it???  My grandma collects it, and I even have a few peices.  Her collection is a different pattern, but I LOVE it!  Have fun doing your laundrey!! :O) PS – We got your Christmas card! Thank you!! My husband really enjoyed reading about Ryan’s “adventures” the last year.  He says “Ryan sounds like someone I would be friends with!” :O)

  2. What? Three years, give or take, and your not speaking and reading German like a native? Sheesh! LOL Child proof washers huh? Now that’s a good idea. And yes, this soup does look much tastier. But like I said, Ryan would have tried it anyway. He’s good like that. RYC: Hey, I like you too. Even though your kinda skinny and all. ROFL!!!!Much Love, MeP.S. Nice song choice today missy.

  3. Oh well of course…. that big silver button.  EVERYONE knows that!    What in the world. I mean seriously.  How are you supposed to know that.  Ahhh…. don’t ya just love frantically thumbing through a manual where you can only pick out like every 4th word!    Ours was in Dutch.  And yes, my husband is a native dutch speaker, but he is about as technically inclined as a pet rock.  So, really… did not good.  I typically read the manuals and figure out what is wrong.  M mMMM…. that french onion soup looks WONDERFUL!  If it turns out, please please please can I have the recipe?!?!  I’ve tried making french onion soup before… and it was not so good.  And I LOVE your little pots.  Those are awesome!

  4. Dude, laundry is a huge ordeal due to your german washing equipment, isn’t it?  That would be so frustrating to me!  I hope you accomplish everything you need to in a good amount of time.That soup looks gooooood, and the individual pots are so cute!Merry Christmas!

  5. Living in another country certainly has it’s “adventures in everyday necessities”….at least that’s the impression I get. lol! One of my good friends just found out next year her, hubby, and her two kids will be moving either to Japan or Cairo….the final orders aren’t set, just that she will be able to go and it will be for 2-3 years. Any words of wisom from your adventures of moving to another country that I should share with her??? Also wanted to comment about your pottery…soup bowels, where did you buy them? I’ve never seen soup bowels like that, and they look like they could make any soup really appetiazing…I’m told half of cooking is apperance. Or so I hear. lol!*hugs*

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