I love to cook.

I love to make up new recipes, revive old ones from the family collection and try new ones from wherever I can find them!

As far as I can tell I’m pretty good at it.  At least, everyone usually enjoys my food and asks me for the recipe and I consider that a high compliment.  

However, even though I seem to have pretty good instincts in the kitchen, not everything I cook turns out!

Oh?  Don’t believe me?  Just think back to my invention of Pootellini! *Shudder*

Well, yesterday was another invention day…  I found a recipe for a German lentiL and frankfurter soup all full of carrots, onions, and celery…  It sounded amazing and Ryan agreed so I spent the morning getting it all together and tossed it in the pot to cook.

Within an hour or two I knew… just KNEW… that something was wrong.  It smelled… well, FUNKY.   I pulled the lid off and sniffed then double checked the recipe convinced I must have missed something crucial but everything was EXACTLY as it should be.  Ryan insisted is smelled good to him so I left it alone.

By the time dinner time rolled around I couldn’t even go into the kitchen!

Meet my latest invention…



It took me one good whiff sans lid to name it and that is EXACTLY how is smelled.  I wouldn’t know how it tasted… I wouldn’t touch it, though Ryan had a double helping and even insisted on packing up a few tupperware full to take for lunches… I certainly won’t sanction it being heated up again in the house.  The rest went straight into the house and it took me forcing Ryan to clean out the pot (I wasn’t touching it!) and hours of burning candles to get the smell out enough to breath.

But despite the smell he seemed to enjoy the greyish gloop that was my failed attempt at dinner…


Are you gagging yet?  I AM!

In fact this stuff was so incredibly potent that I went upstairs and passed out with my nose buried in some real wet dog just to escape the smell!


Well, that’s about it for me today!  Can you believe that Christmas will be here in only three days? 

Have a good day all and may you have great success in your kitchens this week… unlike me!

Auf Wiedersehen!




7 thoughts on “WET-DOG-IN-A-POT

  1. BWUUUAAHH!!  I’m giggling so hard right now.  I have had my fair share of “that does not taste good” recipes.  But also, quite frankly, I think you did it just right!  It looks JUST LIKE a German recipe!  Seriously.  I’ve seen many soups in restaurants over there look JUST LIKE THAT!  So, I think you did it just right.  And, something tells me Ryan does not have an issue telling you when something does not taste right.  Mark does.  He will eat it… or eat some of it, and then when I get up from the table to take care of Maren… he goes and dumps the rest out.. and doesn’t ask for seconds.  It’s the not asking for seconds that tips me off.    We then have the conversation of “honey, just tell me it didn’t taste right”  M-“but I didn’t want to hurt  your feelings.”‘  Me-“If I don’t know I will make it again!”  Of course I wouldn’t because I could tell he didn’t like it.  There have been a few where I thought it was fine, but Mark did not.  Then, of course, there are the ones where no one thinks it is good…. at all!  Too funny.  It sounds good though!  I would have tried that recipe.  Maybe this is one of those times where “it looked like a duck, smelled like a duck…. but WASN’T a duck.”  Wet dog in a pot.  bwwwwuuuaah!

  2. As someone who can attest to the fact that this girl is, in fact, an awesome cook…Court, that just looks disgusting! But then again, I’m not a bit surprised that Ryan ate it anyways. He’s a good husband like that. RYC: Exactly!!!!Love you guys. Wish you could be here for Christmas. I’m making the pies this year, and honey, they are delicious! Miss you…Me

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