Good day!

Well, yesterday was a success.  The FMO guys came, brought me a new washer, AGAIN, agreed to leave it earth bound this time to avoid yet another death, and I’ve got the very first load of laundry running in it with hopes that it will come out smelling fresh and clean!  WOOT!

Last night we had an ice storm here.  I didn’t realize it because it has begun getting dark here at about 4:15pm and so I closed the blinds so that I could turn on lights.  I got a call from Ryan at about 6pm as he was on his way home.  He asked if I could please go check the driveway to see if it was iced over and if so could I salt the whole driveway…  (You can’t know how much work that is!  It’s a lot of driveway! 🙂  I opened my door and gasped… It was bitterly cold and a harsh mist of tiny ice crystals was plummeting out of the sky.  I ducked right back inside, donned Ryan’s heavy winter coat and a scarf and set back out to salt the driveway.  Sure enough you could almost skate on it and I barely survived without a cracked skull or broken ankle.

Unfortunately it was too dark to take many pictures and this morning the temperature rose quickly enough that the ice is gone…

I did get a few of the crown of ice our street lamp wore though!

This first one shows the thin sheet of ice that covered everything… see the reflection of the light on the house behind it?  That was all ice!


And just look at the gorgeous crown of ice…


Nothing else of note is going on around here… we are simply enjoying each others company and waiting like little kids to tear into the pile of gifts that have arrived from family and friends back home.

Auf Wiedersehen!



10 thoughts on “ICE!

  1. Ice storms are both beautiful and scary.  So much damage can be caused, and around here many accidents on the slippery roads.  I always love how trees & bushes look all covered in ice though.  They glisten so nicely.Have a great day, girl!

  2. That must be so hard to wait to open all the packages arriving from back home!We got an ice storm too.  It was nuts.  The ice still hasn’t melted so we’ve been slipping and sliding about town for several days now.

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