Of pictures & washers & Christmas dreams

I’m so sorry for being away for so long.  I have been working on Ryan’s pictures of Israel and to be honest it’s quite a job!  Those of you who have been with me for quite a while now know that I do my very best to tell the story of each picture.  As, I am sure you can imagine, editing over 600 pictures, researching everything they show, and writing it out in a fashion that will be interesting to read is quite a job.  Now add to that the fact that Ryan saw quite a bit of one of the most history rich areas in the world and it’s taking me a bit longer than I had anticipated. 

To complicate things, I’ve been extremely busy with day to day life lately.  It will never cease to amaze me how much work a second person makes!  🙂  For 8 months of this year I have lived alone and therefore have fallen into a routine that requires very little work.  If I use a dish I clean it.  When there is enough laundry to run a load I run it.  When that load is done washing I fold it.  When the house needs to be vacuumed I do so.  I cook once a week and freeze it in single serving sized portions and eat out of my freezer the rest of the week.  It’s lonely and a little OCD but it works.

Now suddenly there is one more member of our family home and instead of doubling the work it’s seems to have multiplied it by 100 fold!  I run the dishwasher AT LEAST once a day (keep in mind I have a mini German dishwasher) I have AT LEAST one load of laundry every day and because I forget to do it in a timely manner (I am of course used to running a load a week) I often have two or three loads to do at a time.  Here in Germany the washers and dryers are very different.  It takes an hour and 12 minutes to wash a load and anywhere between one and a half hours and three hours to dry it!  So two or three loads can take all day.  I find that all the other things I have to do take up my time and I don’t get to the folding until I have a pile to be sorted and folded.  Vacuuming?  Ha!  Once a week when I was alone… now three times a week on average.  And as much as I LOVE to cook I have been out of the habit for most of the year.  I now find myself scrambling to find food to make for dinner and I’m not having as much fun as I remember… must be all those dishes.

I know that this is not an unusual amount of work.  I know that many of you with families have much more to do than I.  I am not complaining, just pointing out that Ryan coming home has upset my universe!  LOL  And something had to give…  All that aside I’m enjoying having Ryan home.  I’ve missed him and the companionship that comes with marriage, I’ve missed having someone warm to cuddle in my sleep when the wind howls and frost coats the window panes, I’ve missed having something to look forward to at the end of the day!  I’ll enjoy that and get used to the rest soon enough!

So, that said, things are getting back to normal around here.  Ryan is back to work on a regular schedule until Christmas.  (Can you believe that Christmas is NEXT WEEK?)  Oh and we have FMO coming out to the house tomorrow to look at my washing machine.  You’ll never guess why!  Do you remember at the beginning of Ryan’s six month deployment when my washing machine committed washerside?  When it through itself off of the pedestal and landing on it’s face, ripping the plug out of the wall and shattering it’s internal workings?  Yeah… well, the BRAND NEW washer did it again!  The day Ryan came home from the TDY to Israel.  I don’t know what to do about this problem.  After the last instance of washerside I have been insanely diligent.  Every time I load it I shake it to make sure it’s not overbalanced or the feet aren’t uneven so that it’s in danger of rocking but it did it anyway!!!  I think I’m going to ask for ANOTHER new washer and ask them to just leave it on the floor this time.  What a pain.

I’ll be around off and on until Christmas but I think I’m going to save all the pictures until after the holidays.  What with everything else I have to do and preparations for our Christmas it’s just too much to promise!  🙂 

You all are ever nearer in my thoughts and prayers as this holiday of family and friends draws nearer.  These are the times when Ryan and I fully feel the vast chasm of distance that separate us from you.  Enjoy your week and know we are there in spirit…  You know the song..

I’ll be home for Christmas…
If only in my dreams.

Auf Wiedersehen!


7 thoughts on “Of pictures & washers & Christmas dreams

  1. We got a new dryer last year, so I can’t complain.  My washing machine & dryer work amazingly well, and have never attempted washerside.  hahahahaaaNo worries about the pictures.  Good things come to those that wait, right?  And I am SURE these pictures are going to be good!Love to you!  Merry Christmas!

  2. I just resized and compressed all my friend’s pictures from Israel. While it was fun… it got old real fast! I feel for you. When we returned from Israel (about 15 years ago) we had hundreds of pictures (all cataloged in a little notebook as we took them) but it was a big mess. Once they got out of order, they all looked the same! I hope you have better luck. I know digital pictures must be a lot easier.

  3. What in the world.  I can’t believe you have had TWO washing machines commit washerside!  What in the world!You know, after living apart there is always a period of adjustment.  Mark and I experienced it when I went back to Germany after Maren being born.  She and I were stateside for 9 weeks or something before we went back.  There were things to get used to again.  But, you’ll find your ‘old’ routines and everything will fall into place once again.    Merry Christmas!! Have some gluhwein for me!!!!

  4. You had another washer commit washerside?!?!?!  Goodness gracious!I can’t even imagine what a task preparing those pictures is, especially since you weren’t there and have to research everything that much more!

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