Movin’ in 3-D

Guten Tag,

Well, the last few days have been busy ones.  They have not allotted me the time I had hoped for editing pictures and writing of Ryan’s adventures.  I promise I’ll get to it soon!

One of the things we have done in the past few days is rearrange the sitting room.  It was time for a change and this made the room a little more useable.  We’re pretty happy with the results.


After we moved the furniture around we decided to settle in to watch a movie…  We choose Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D!  What fun!!!

Do you like our eye wear? 


We decided to not decorate for Christmas this year.  It’s a bit of a bummer but at the same time a huge relief!  We are already beginning the arduous task of sorting and packing things.  We realized just a few days ago that I leave Germany with the dogs about four months from Monday!!!  Four months is not a very long time with how quickly the days have flown by this past year.  So instead of unpacking all of our Christmas decorations and decking the halls for just Ryan and I we decided to set aside those boxes as completed!  It’s almost like it’s own little Christmas gift!

When I leave Ryan will be here alone for the remainder of our time here, outprocessing, packing, and getting our affairs in order to move back stateside.  It’s another long separation but an unavoidable one under the circumstances.  As sad as I am to leave Ryan here alone with all that work I’m excited too.  So, I’m working hard to make those last months as easy as I can for him.

Four months… Can you believe it?

Well, that’s it for me today,

Auf Wiedersehen,





12 thoughts on “Movin’ in 3-D

  1. Courtney you enjoy these last few months in Germany! I know it will be wonderful to get back to the states. I cannot imagine packing and unpacking and making that huge move! I am so thankful for ones such as yourself who do this to provide freedom! Thank you for this service!!! 

  2. WOW!  Four months and you’ll be coming home!!!  yeah!  I hope you enjoy your final days there.  I know once I saw the end in sight…. everything became a little brighter.  I began to see everything the way I did when we first arrived.  It was a wonderful way to spend our last weeks.  Enjoy your time together!!  Enoy Germany.  Enjoy the winter and snow.  Thank you for your continued prayers, they are MUCH appreciated.  I think of you often as well. 

  3. 4 months will FLY.  Definitely get packing!  You’re smart to keep the Christmas stuff packed up.  You’re saving yourself work.  If you need Christmas decorations, just look over all of our sites and see ours.  :)Great job on the sitting room!Oh and sexy rexy eye wear & pouty lips!

  4. 4 months is definitely not a long time.  I swear it seemed to take forever to pack up mom and dad and they just moved one state up not an entire country.  What are your plans for when you move back?

  5. Beautiful pictures. I can’t believe your time is almost up in Germany already. TWO questions though….how long will Ryan have to stay once you come back? Where are you coming back to in the states…do you know yet? We loved that movie Journey to the Center of the Earth!!

  6. I have been neglicting to send you a comment for a few days now.  I was so happy to hear that Ryan made it back in time for you guys to celebrate Thanksgiving together! My heart broke for you when you said that he had to leave again for another TDY so soon after he came back from his deployment. You always seem to make seperations between the two of you look so easy! This is our 1st deployment as a married couple not counting Korea, but Korea is so different then a deployment. The 1st 2 and half months were so hard on both of us. That its almost given us both sour taste about the military. Did you take any pictures of you guys Christmas party at the castle? How was the movie? Good/Bad review?

  7. Your sitting room (and entire cottage) are so adorable.  I love that you’ve worked so hard to make it a home, even if it’s temporary.  I hope that your packing and whatnot go smoothly in the next few months, as a former AF wife I understand what that can be like!  Blessings…

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